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Jarvis AI Experience - Syn Virtual Assistant
Simply Perfect Marketing Funny video


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  1. To explain you all what's going on here. This is a basic keyword search. "drug-free", "oprah winfrey", "forbes", "mel gibson" are all found in the Wiki page. He is asking questions based on information he already knows prior hand from Downey's WIki page. I beg to wager that the program has no concept of his questions whatsoever. Therefore won't work for any other personality. It is only doing a keyword search and returning results of the sentence the keyword was found in.

  2. I can't stop laughing at the people who think this is something simple to do… hehe ok, as a concept it might seem simple but try making that into a program… Btw, the GUI is definitely AMAZING… Keep up the good work!!

  3. I really want this now, PLEASE, Compile it and make it released

  4. I would love an estimated time of release, At least a ball park figure, You've been teasing us with this for months D:

  5. Hey man, great work you do. I found you because of your Star Wars vs Halo game. Great work! Are you still working on that? I'd really love to know!

  6. Hey man, great work you do. I found you because of your Star Wars vs Halo game. Great work! Are you still working on that? I'd really love to know!

  7. which language I have to use to achieve these interfaces?

  8. Stable or not you coul duse some beta testers. the more beta testers the better and quicker chance you have of debugging errors.  (HOW IS IT UNSTABLE?)  Seems to be working very well in the videos. We all could colaborate and make your dream come true much faster.  I would love to help trouble shoot with you.

  9. I'm willing to pay for this software, how much would you want for a copy?

  10. this is amazing will you be providing a download link at some point or a place to purchase software?

  11. Amazing, but I want you to go back to making antivirus I miss those videos.

  12. Dude, seriously, sell this stuff!!! honestly the more I watch, the more I am like…omg…to be perfectly honest, I think you perhaps have taken a step toward where computers mean something something else entirely. How much ram does this take up? It seems almost unreal. this is amazing. and,@Nicholas Navarrete, totally true, I would be SO willing to pay for this. 

  13. hi  i am from Canada and i was looking for somme thing like this for a wild!!! i realy hope that this product will be on sale soon !!!  that thing you made is awesome  good work realy !!!  wen time comme  to release  this  lets me know please ,. i will continue  to look your progress  with  great interess  !!!! 

  14. I was wondering if what Jarvis is telling you is copied from online web sources or if he is synthesizing new sentences based on what he finds on the internet.

  15. 😀 found it…a real jarvis ai, with natrual voice speaking without sounding to much like a automated voice.

  16. he still needs alot of work though, you can tell he is using automated phone and it sounds very bad.

  17. @loudsoundmovies2 @loudsoundmovies2 Hello. I am here to ask a simple question: can you provide us with the source? License it by CC if you want but I would very much like to see the source to learn from it. Thank you. And if you cannot give me the source can you please tell us in what programming language was this coded and what packages did you use to code it. Thank you. (Tip: You may want to implement machine learning to it can learn new tasks with no new code. PM me or comment here if you want to discuss it).

  18. Well done mate.
    James are you going to make this available for other people or are you just showing this as your own work.
    If you need someone to help out with doing a test on another (someone else's) machine, I have a win8 laptop and vista on a desktop.

    I have been trying the M.V.C one, and it's lack luster at best and wont work on vista,,and the guys are a bit slack arse about getting things turned on or even giving info on WTF's going on with turning the rest of the interface on, or even an alarm to work.
    I was up at Brissy last Tuesday working, I live about 3 hours away in Lismore NSW

  19. Looks like hardcoded to me.
    I would be surprised if it is not.
    But it looks awesome

  20. Hi dude, are you working on the response time of Jarvis. The response time seem pretty late like 3 or more seconds. It'll be awesome if it speeds up just like in the movie.

    Also, what if you interrupt Jarvis while he is speaking/replying, does it listen to the cross interrupt? have you managed that? I'm sure you'll find a way 🙂 And I so want this badly, do you have an official release date?

    Super good luck 😀

  21. dude this is fucking awesome, do you have any idea when there will be an alpha/beta trial? I'll subscribe to you – good job on this 🙂

  22. What speech recognition engine do you use to code Jarvis, i am trying to create one myself but i cant find an appopriate engine / api

  23. The way he talks reminds me less of a butler and more of a slave 🙁

  24. how do you read the webpage in this application? It seams as if you are using XMLHTTP requests but I cant tell.

  25. amazing! i love how he stays with the conversation. my jarvis has a foul mouth, nice work keep it up.

  26. Hey… thanks for such an inspiring video.
    I would like to have my own copy of Jarvis. How can we do that?