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CryptoPotato Crypto Fund, a unique investment instrument that combines cryptocurrency and traditional assets, is available. Public votes will determine the Crypto Fund. Participants can choose from 70+ cryptocurrencies. At the end of each quarter, the fund’s structure will be rebalanced, considering the top voted cryptocurrencies. The structure will be reviewed by professional traders to ensure a better performance. The fund is managed and operated through the ICONOMI platform. Anybody can choose to invest in it.

To learn more and invest in CryptoPotato’s Crypto Fund – click here.

Fund structure, last updated – June 2020
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Frequently Asked Question
How does my vote impact the fund structure?

Every vote counts. The assets that get more votes will receive more weight in the structure.

How do I invest in CryptoPotato Crypto Fund

The ICONOMI platform allows you to easily invest in the fund. Click here for the Fund’s page on ICONOMI.

What’s the major advantage of investing in such a fund?

It will save a lot of your time since you don’t have to hop from one exchange to another but invest in multiple cryptocurrencies at once – with one click.

Furthermore, you are taking advantage of the wisdom of the crowd as well as the expertise of the world’s best crypto analysts. Crypto Fund is regularly updated and adjusted according to market movements. Last but not least, investing in Crypto Fund will increase diversification for your investment portfolio.

How will the fund rebalance work?

The market movements dictate how the Fund is rebalanced. Rebalancing occurs every 30 days, on average.

Is there a management fee for the fund?

The fee includes a minor 1% annual administration fee and a 10% royalty share (on profits only). This fee is fair and moderate, and it’s comparable to other funds.

Diversification: What is it and why is it so important?

Diversification refers to spreading your investments in different asset classes (or the crypto world) in multiple cryptocurrencies. A Crypto Fund is a collection of multiple cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies that you can put in one place. This allows for diversification.

Diversifying your investments is safer because it averages the returns from the various cryptocurrencies you own.

Who manages CryptoPotato Crypto Fund

The fund is managed by ICONOMI, with the advice of the CryptoPotato’s analyst team.

Who is the custodian?

ICONOMI is the Crypto Fund’s custodian with its institutional-grade security systems.

Who is ICONOMI, and how do they work together?

ICONOMI is a cryptocurrency platform that’s both for novice and experienced investors.
To simplify blockchain and offer the best user experience, a lot of effort has been put into it. ICONOMI is a trusted platform and is easy to use. It is currently available in 182 different countries.

Why did you choose ICONOMI for the CryptoPotato Fund?

ICONOMI launched Crypto Funds managed in ICONOMI Experts back in 2017. This June, it became the first company worldwide to make Crypto Funds available to all.

We chose them because of their proven track record in creating Crypto Funds.

Are there any cryptocurrencies that ICONOMI holds to back the fund’s investment?

Yes, ICONOMI is holding 100% of the crypto funds’ underlying assets.

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