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In the beginning, there were few web portals that offered cryptocurrency statistics and data related to these constantly-changing digital assets markets and blockchain metrics. More than ten years later, however, data and analytics tethered to the world’s most popular and most used digital currencies have swelled with growth. This article will explore a variety of web portals that provide insight into the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Charts, Onchain Metrics and Coin Market Cap Aggregation

There were only a few websites that provided information on bitcoin (BTC), as well as the relatively small number of digital assets, that were traded in the early days. A few websites displayed BTC’s price and a handful of onchain statistics, so people could get a sense of crypto markets and the utility of these blockchains. In the early days of web portals, price charts pages like had been replaced by onchain metrics from (now and crypto coin market aggregaters like

Now with more than 10,000 crypto assets worth around $2.21 trillion on September 12, 2021, there’s a plethora of data and analytical websites that help guide crypto supporters with various forms of insight. now has many competitors such as and They all offer a different perspective and insights into market data. or show metrics such as crypto coin percentages over 24 hours, one to two weeks, three to six weeks, thirty days, ninety days, and a year.

Token summary statistics from Markets ( gives you a unique look at coin market caps, individual insights about different coins, and professional charts. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market aggregator on shows token summaries sourced from, which displays an aggregated list cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, is similar to or also offers the possibility to exchange tokens by connecting a Decentralized Finance (defi), wallet such as Metamask or Portis.

Access Ecosystem Platforms: Track, Compare and Access is another website that allows users to explore cryptocurrency markets. It provides insight into 1,752 crypto currencies and metrics from over 100 exchanges. allows you to view key metrics like rank and volume as well as circulating supplies. It also provides information about the top crypto exchanges that trade these currencies. You can view price movements of different crypto assets in a chart that displays a wide range of options.

Compare statistics on the web portal

Further, users can track different coins and follow the market changes tied to the user’s portfolio. Each crypto asset can be broken down into time periods, such as one hour, 24hrs, seven days, one month and annual changes. Users can view an individual crypto asset to get a description of the token, alongside important information like the project’s website, white paper, source code, blockchain explorers, social media links, and forums.

Each of these portals offers different perspectives regarding the vast amount of crypto assets. However, there are many more useful websites available to help you keep informed. for example, shows how much money is locked in multiple defi applications over multiple blockchains. Further information on crypto derivative markets such as options, futures and perpetual swaps can be accessed from the web portals and

Dune Analytics gives insights to onchain Ethereum data and ether-based products. It also provides market statistics that are tied to things such as defi (non-fungible tokens) and decentralized Exchange (dex). offers a variety of market stats and facts tied to NFTs, defi, and NFT markets.

This list of portals that provide information to crypto investors is only a small selection of the data sites and analytical products available. The best part is that these crypto applications can be used for free, although some sites allow you to track more detail for a fee.

What do you think of the web portals that provide crypto supporters access to the expanding world of cryptocurrencies, markets and onchain statistics. Please comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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