FINCH Trailer (2021) Tom Hanks, Sci-Fi Movie

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FINCH Trailer (2021) Tom Hanks, Sci-Fi Movie

PLOT: Tom Hanks is Finch, a man who embarks on a moving and powerful journey to find a new home for his unlikely family—his beloved dog and a newly created robot—in a dangerous and ravaged world. #Finch #TomHanks

Epic adventure unlike any other. Finch November 5 on Apple TV+


HALLOWEEN KILLS Final Trailer (2021).
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  1. I don't know which comment to go with:

    "Finally, a post-apocalyptic drama!"


    " Bringing Stephen hawking back from the dead? Amazing what they can do these days"

  2. The music is from True Romance, one of the greatest movies ever made. If you haven't seen it give yourself a treat and watch! Tarantino wrote it directed by Ridley Scott. Amazing!!

  3. 2007 Will Smith: I AM LEGEND

    2010 Denzel Washington: No, Will, I AM LEGEND

    2021 Tom Hanks: You're both wrong. I AM LEGEND.

  4. Finch: "Once we get into the mountains, bad things will happen: Like 130 degree heat …"
    Me: "… So …?"
    Finch: "UV radiation …"
    Me: "I missed the part where that's my problem."
    Finch: "And people …"
    Me: 😳
    Finch: "… hiding in the shadows."
    Me: 😨 (Anxious breathing)

  5. You literally can't hate Tom Hanks, the problem is this trailer showed too much

  6. Yep, Disney for ya. Give them something Humans actually care about… sentient life that isn't human.

  7. What if this is actually the Mad Max prequel and Furiosa's squad raids Tom Hanks, just straight up decapitates Tom Hanks in the second act . Amazing

  8. Looks good but this trailer's giving away so much of the plot I had to stop it halfway through.

  9. I got upset just watching the trailer and there's nothing about it that's all that upsetting. But come on, this movie is coming for all of our feels. We know it is and whoever cut this trailer knows it is and there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Not watch it? I don't think that's an option. Is it? No.

  10. I predict this movie will be a tear-jerker, because, ya know, Tom Hanks. PSA: I suggest that we collect all of the tears that will inevitably be shed as a result of viewing this film and reserve them for the future use of humanity. One day, we will all drink our own tears to survive in the post-apocalypse of global warming. May we all remember to give thanks to St. Hanks. We will do so with the cry, "WILSOOOOOON!!!"

  11. Good grief so we've got Forrest Gump on Cast Away Island with Turner & Hooch gettin BIG then Toy Story in the Burbs with Bosom Buddies in a Money Pit that's goin' Terminal while walkin' the Green Mile to bring News to the World by Cracking the DaVinci Code and Saving Private Ryan if only Captain Phillips here can Sully the Inferno it's Catch Me if You Can on the way to Philadelphia by way of the Polar Expresss that'll leave you Sleepless in Seattle on the Road to Perdition when you're makin' a Splash it's like You've Got Mail in a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and THAT'S The Circle that puts them in a League of Their Own, and that's just the Lady Killer Doin' That Thing You Do which is a Hologram for the King, though I've Nothing in Common with this Dragnet; just remember The Man with the One Red Shoe, He Knows You're Alone and he'll get Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close like a Greyhound race after a Bachelor's Party when it's really Charlie Wilson's War stemming from a Bonfire of the Vanities crashed My Big Fat Greek Wedding while Saving Mr. Banks from reading The Post about Larry Crowne watching Joe verses the Volcano 🤷‍♂️🖕🏼

  12. This guy can't get a break! first he gets stranded on an island, then he gets stranded at an airport, and now he's stranded in an underground bunker. Well, at least Wilson has upgraded into an imaginary robot.

  13. ANOTHER tom hanks movie where he is alone and isolated. Seen this soo many time. Zero interest. F you Tom Hanks

  14. Almost reminds me of whats going on right now… SciFi? No no my friend very objective Non-Fiction.