JACKASS 4: FOREVER Trailer (2021) Johnny Knoxville

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JACKASS 4: FOREVER Trailer (2021) Johnny Knoxville

PLOT: Forever young and still funny in the head. Check out the NEW trailer for #JackassForever and see the movie in cinemas everywhere on October 21.

CAST: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Spike Jonze, Eric André, Shaquille O’Neal, Bam Margera

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JACKASS 4: FOREVER Official Trailer (2021)
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  1. It would have been interesting if they could have convinced Dicamillo to replace Bam.

  2. I'm 50 years old and I'll be laughing louder than anyone else in that theater. I fucking love Jackass

  3. Wow, do people actually think this shit is still funny? People risking life threatening injuries for laughs, me personally, I couldn't care less. But I would make them pay good money for the pain they inflict.

  4. Its just for actual good times as they've been thru so much and lost sum members…Ryan dunn rip ..but NOTHING CAN TOP THE LAST PART WHERE THEY DRANK HORSE SEMEN

  5. Omg I been waiting for this since forever I been a loyal jackass fan since 2001

  6. I’m not watching it without Bam. Nope. It’s not right. I don’t care what anyone says about Bam. There would be no Jackass without Bam Bam.

  7. Great another loser movie out. Who directed this? Scorsese?

  8. hard pass, they're past their prime, not matter how good the trailer is edited.

  9. Won't be the same without Bam, but he has been his own worst enemy in the restraining order debacle.

  10. I remember the first time I heard about Jackass. My first thought was ”Ok, I will never be able to decent stairs using a shopping cart again without being called a copycat”.

  11. Bam should be in this movie without Bam this movie is garbage. Steve-O was a heavy drug user in all of the other movies he was never sober in any of the stunts he did. Brandon Novak was a heavy drug user as well and they never fired either of them from the show. Oh so Bam drinks alcohol and all of a sudden he’s fired. No fuck that, Fuck jackass, fuck Jeff Tremaine and fuck Johnny Knoxville. I Won’t be seeing this movie and nobody I know who is fans of Bams will be watching it either. Bring back Bam you were all fools for firing him for a alcohol addiction!

  12. Sorry Bam, but your absence will not break this movie whatsoever.

  13. Watched this like 6 times in a row. I feel like I have grown up with these guys. Me and the buddies smoking pot, skating and watching CKY videos. Take me back to the 90s. I dont want this ride to end.

  14. I watched jackass in the hospital room while my daughter was being born 👍

  15. I get that Bam is not healthy, but I'm sorry it's just not the same without Bam……………

  16. The "old" Bam is no more. Now just a drugged up, washed up, abusive loser. All he had to do is stay sober and do drug tests, but couldn't even do that. So he makes death threats against Jeff Tremaine's family. Walks out on Nikki and their son Phoenix. Turned on his parents. And then cries online about how everyone is against him. Used to love the guy, not now. Glad he's not in it.

  17. It's Actually going to be much better without bam wussing it up!!!!

  18. It gets a bit old. Steveo is pretty cool though with his podcasts he's matured in a good way

  19. Let’s all come together, black white, left right, and enjoy watching idiots hurt themselves. God bless the Jackass boys.

  20. The end the end the end the bear the bear the bear 🐻 🥶

  21. Just as I thought; " I didn't see Ehren in the entire trailer."

    Fuck man, don't do him like that 😄

  22. i saw this preview watching venom 2 in the theatre and dang it looks cool. im excited

  23. Definitely going to watch it, I grew up on these guys. But MGK is going to be in it, not excited about that, actually disappointed to see his wannabe ass on there since he dissed Corey and Slipknot, and Eminem.