NEW (2021)| NEW (2021)

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NEW (2021)| NEW (2021)

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In theaters, and on HBO Max March 18th 2020. #JusticeLeague #SnyderCut

CAST: CAST Gal Gadot. Amy Adams. Henry Cavill. Ezra Miller. Jason Momoa. Ray Fisher.

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  1. Darkseid speaks for the first time and we see Batman and Superman unite in the new #Batman trailer for Zack Snyder's #JusticeLeague! What does everybody think?

  2. If you are tuning in for a total different movie you will be disappointed. No reshoots so we are getting scenes cut from a movie that was horrible. Cmon. This is all marketing!!!

  3. First thought that was Vin Diesel doing his Groot impression instead of Ray Porter voicing Darkseid.

  4. Batfleck and Battinson will be the best Batmen of our era.

  5. Please let‘s just appreciate how badass Batman looks in the beginning scene

  6. Ray Porter as Darkseid! Finally we get to hear a little bit. And it sounds great. I cannot wait for this movie

  7. I think they just hinted at Martian Manhunter. Pay attention to the audio in the background.

  8. Damn, this batsuit is sick, reminds me of Arkham Knight one.

  9. I'm betting this is a lot more disappointing than people think its going to be.

  10. "i have a stake to this world,is time to start fighting for it"

  11. Ugh the annoying shitty luthor voice followed by the cringy joker laugh

  12. Why is this in crap-o-vision? It looks like 240p, not 1080p. Is there an HD quality version of this trailer somewhere?

  13. i will give the trailer credit. It looks way better than the original cut

  14. Looking so forward to this don’t care about the hate just need a blockbuster after the last 12 months

  15. That looks shit already you got Batman Climbing up the inside and the rest of them up top and what not one of them was gonna fly Batman up there lol fucking shite

  16. Synder batman costume look badass

    Damn, this justice league could make batfleck his own movie, but destroy by 2017 JL

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