MAD HEIDI Trailer (2020) Iron Sky Swissploitation Action Movie HD

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MAD HEIDI Trailer (2020) Iron Sky Swissploitation Action Movie HD

From the producer of IRON SKY comes MAD HEIDI – the first ever Swissploitation film. Heidi needs YOU! Support the production and become part of the movie: #MadHeidi

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  1. من خارمادر سازنده این فیلم را گاییدم , دیوانه روانی مازوخیزمی 🖕🖕

  2. Definitely gana watch this for sure 🤟🤟🏻🤟🤟🏻

  3. Oh yeah, great. Just one little problem – the trailer is TWO years old, and the company is still looking for crowdfunding!

  4. It's really unfair to show us a trailer this exciting when there's no film.
    "The film is currently being crowdfunded through its official website, with a target budget of US$1 million and a projected release date of 2020."
    They've been trying to get this made since 2018.

  5. I loved Iron Sky. But Iron Sky 2 was pure trash, produced by people who were full enthusiasm and who had NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what they were doing. From the neverending plot-holes and coincidences to the bad acting. And this movie here doesn't look any better.

  6. I'm only here because of a meme, I didn't expect anything to actually come of looking into it.

  7. As the years go by, human's ability to be normal and sane goes by as well.

  8. Don't invest in this. Tero Kaukomaa, the producer of Iron Sky has gone bankrupt with Iron Sky 1 and Iron Sky 2 already. There he also offered people to crowdfund the movie and get returns for their investments. There never were any significant returns and now he can't even pay for the stellboxes he promised to Indiegogo backers.

  9. So it is a movie about the Swiss fighting against their women?
    And apparently losing…
    Feels like the movie greatly wasted a potential story.

  10. iron sky team : yo lets make another nazi plot
    people : again?
    iron sky team : but its in switzerland
    people : …SIGN ME UP!