MAJOR GROM: PLAGUE DOCTOR Trailer #2 | Exclusive (2021) Superhero Movie

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MAJOR GROM: PLAGUE DOCTOR Trailer #2 | Exclusive (2021) Superhero Movie

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PLOT: Police Major Igor Grom, also known as the Police Major of St. Petersburg, is well-known for his incisive character and uncompromising attitude towards criminals of every stripe. Everything changes dramatically when a…

Tom Clancy's trailer for WITHOUT REMORSE (2021) Michael B. Jordan Movie
a happy ending


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  1. Looks like Batman woke up on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain.

  2. Whats the name of the song at the start of the movie?

  3. now that is a cool movie ! Why Hollywood can't do it? instead injects racial mixing propaganda?

  4. This movie is highly inspired from indian tamil movie anniyan or aparachit..

    every major story line are from anniyan…

  5. Greatest movie by Russia, hope more intellectual director from Russia do more go movie and filem after this. Maybe Russia don't have money's to make great movie I think.

  6. It looks like "Marvel" fans are getting the "Dr. Doom" movie we've always wanted, except his name's "The Plague Doctor"🤔

  7. I'm impressed. Amazing movie. You must watch it. 10/10.

    Well done!

  8. this movie sends the wrong message.

    the herocop is protecting the filthy rich against a man who wants to clean up the filth and empower the people.

    the world needs a whole bunch of plague doctors. like the film suggests, we the people should become the plague doctors and rid this earth from those 1% who control everytging.

    unfortunately the police has everything under control. sad ending.

  9. these movies are shit its the same fckn plot over and over and over and over again

  10. The Russians are completely copying American films, they will also shoot Russian western films a little more heheheheheha

  11. This was interesting! The idea of a cop who doesn’t play by the rules hunting a vigilante is a pretty generic plot, but it made up for with wardrobe, cinematography, political commentary, and a good twist! (We all know not every film director can give a good twist!)

  12. strongly recommend all to watch an Indian Tamil Laguage Movie called Anniyan(Stranger) written and Directed by Shankar. I am certain Anniyan movie was one of the inspirations or references for this Plague doctor moviemaking.

  13. A really good movie, and Netflix has it with English speaking and subtitles.

  14. Anyone know the song name for the grand opening of the golden dragon casino ?

  15. Why cant some form of english be used in all movies? Im not gonna watch a movie to read it. If i wanted to read id open a book. English dialect is spoken by more ppl across the world than any other language. Jus make english the standard for everyone and watch these other countries movies blow up. Alot of ppl aont watch because of non-english speaking! Vladimir Putin speaks good english and hes russian. That language is the weirdest of them all. English for everyone and allow them to learn their native tongue if they desire to do so.

  16. The title, poster, and trailers made me believe that Major Grom IS the Plague Doctor; by day, he'd be Major Grom, a reckless cop that attempts to apprehend bad guys; by night, he'd be the Plague Doctor, a vigilante superhero bent on killing those who escaped his justice earlier that day.

  17. Dudee the plot twist was so good and in my opinion this movie is like on top 10 movies of 2021