THE HUMANS Trailer (2021), Steven Yeun, Amy Schumer

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THE HUMANS Trailer (2021), Steven Yeun, Amy Schumer

CAST: Richard Jenkins (Jayne Houdyshell), Amy Schumer and Beanie Feldstein. June Squibb is also included.

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  1. I like that Amy Schumer is acting in this. If it keeps her busy she can't steal other people's jokes and I don't have to hear about how her genitals smell.

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  3. No matter what a movie may be about, the second I hear or hear Amy Scheumers cursed name count me out 🚽

  4. Ewww the chick from the tampon commercial. I bet she asks Steven Yeun what size does he need! lol

  5. Question for a friend… if he skip all the parts with Miss Schumer, will he still be able to understand something?

  6. Remember people Amy Suckmer is the reason why Netflix removed the voting option on movies and tv shows.

  7. This looks so indie. Starts with someone asking why anyone would want to watch a tv show about zombies before entering into shallow conversations about depression. The trailer is practically guaranteeing this movie will not be any fun.

  8. I might be interested, considering all the praise the play got, if it weren't for Amy. I can't stand her anymore and this serious turn from her doesn't change that. Cast is great except for her.

  9. Yea that's a big NO for me, funny Amy Maybe, Sirius Amy I just can't put myself through that🙌

  10. So they got the guy from The Walking Dead, and decide to talk s#[t about The Walking Dead. Who is this made for? Was this film designed to ease period cramps?

  11. WTF were the producers thinking? Putting Amy Schumer in this made the project DOA. View count and like/dislike ratio tells you all you need to know

  12. Ugh Amy, never liked her because of how fake she is stealing overs jokes and all.

  13. Aing nyimak, tapi masih nga ngerti. Tapi penasaran karena ada amy