THE LAST DUEL Trailer (2021) Matt Damon, Adam Driver

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THE LAST DUEL Trailer (2021) Matt Damon, Adam Driver

PLOT: A story of betrayal and vengeance set against brutal 14th-century France. Directed by Ridley Scott. #TheLastDuel

CAST: Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

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  1. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appear together again next to Adam Driver and Jodie Comer in the latest medieval film from director Ridley Scott! What does everybody think? #TheLastDuel

  2. It’s about time they put him in a movie. Happy for you Theo

  3. Oh lord, a movie full of bad acting, bad accents, bad haircuts. I think people don't realize yet, 20 years into it that damon, affleck are bad actors? 🎥 is a flop.

  4. woman gets raped, speaks up about it, gets shamed for it, men make it about themselves.

    nothing's changed in 600 bloody years

  5. Cinema,…perverting History by inserting modern social theory ,…..its as if they cannot help themselves. Like thr5audiencenis too stupid to form a thought at story's end without them. It is convention has even spread to foreign film. Globalism.

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  7. Tbh all these movies are so worn out. Middle age movies with silly accents, spy movies, ww2 movies, space movies . They are all treading the same ground over and over . Trailers with dramatic music tryna hype up otherwise mediocre scenes .

    They’ve been doing the same movies for decades . It’s like listening to the same song written by different bands , who interchange the lead singer and all have the same lead .

    No originality anymore . Barely any new concepts at all . Same styling. Same self admiration from the silly roles being played . All these movies just feel like duds .

  8. Jeez. A contest for the worst hairstyles/dye jobs. Why is Ben a fleck in this. Why is Adam driver yelling. Why did Ridley Scott direct this thing? And why will I still go see it?!

  9. Looks like good movie but am not sure about trailer though 🤔

  10. When a filmmaker used to land hit (Alien 3) after hit (Gladiator) releases a film in the middle of a pandemic that closes theaters everywhere, doesn't get a streaming deal with any service and makes the movie flop, to then blame millennials for the fail… We have Ridley Scott bitching about the industry not being the same.

    Angry old man yelling at clouds! If you want to make content for the masses everywhere, you shoud get on with the times and figure out where does your audience consume your content, and make it available there for as long as it takes to make your investor's money back!