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PLOT: Lana Wachowski is a visionary filmmaker “The Matrix Resurrections,”The long-awaited fourth film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a category. The film will see Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and the original cast reprise their iconic roles as Neo and…

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  1. Enjoy the amazing new trailer for THE MATRIX 4: RESURRECTIONS in 4K ULTRA HD streaming quality!

  2. This looks crap. None of the stylised production seen in the originals. Looks like a John Wick film but with SFX. Mark my words this “reboot” will be shite.

  3. Thumbs down!Instead of Matrix Ressurections,the title should be Woketrix Regurgitations(!)

  4. This super clean and bright looking just realy awful but this is the price when the real strong womens make a movie 😀

  5. Not feeling it he should have went with his original hair cut I feel like this is John wick not matrix and too much wokeness going on here Trinity is supposed to be dead you telling me that they have neo wondering around like he don't know what is going on and he's seeing a doctor I thought the robots took his body at the end of the trilogy so what the frack and where's the heck is Morpheus I don't like the dude who's playing Morpheus why can't we have one older Morpheus I don't mind that and what the frack it's too many things that don't make any sense and I know because I watch all three movies so why is this going on with certain things cut I feel like they're starting over

  6. Shit I thought Morphious was Del Roy Lindo by the thumb nail!! That would be sick!!!

  7. Bullets is one thing but now his force strong enough to push off missiles he's gonna be a problem in this film

  8. Keanu reeves six best and fantastic action movies of all time:
    1. Speed 1994
    2. The matrix 1999
    3. John wick 2014
    4. John wick: Chapter 2 2017
    5. John wick: Chapter 3 – parabellum 2019
    6. The matrix resurrections 2021

  9. Carrie-Anne moss two best and fantastic action movies and one best and fantastic movie of all time:
    1. The matrix 1999
    2. Memento 2000
    3. The matrix resurrections 2021

  10. Yahya abdul-mateen ii's two best and fantastic action movies and one best and fantastic movie of all time:
    1. Aquaman 2018
    2. Us 2019
    3. The matrix resurrections 2021

  11. Lana wachowski's two best and fantastic action movies of all time:
    1. The matrix 1999
    2. The matrix resurrections 2021

  12. damn really had high hopes for this especially with the wachowski bro's (or sisters) being involved in it… Can tell it's just a money making movie ft John Wick "this christmas" –– with loads of regurgitated scenes from the original "follow the rabbit" –

  13. Please, Please, Please MAKE THIS A GAME!!!! Ps5, Xbox, PC

  14. the matrix is real, the power of Jesus Christ and his holy spirit can make you do things like this. 100%

  15. I can see this movie twisting the minds of humanity forever, especially after surviving a pandemic and quarantine……some people already believe 2020 was a simulation…. Boy 2022 going to be a ride to remember

  16. No Hugo Weaving, no Laurence Fishburne, no Lilly Wachowski… just feels a bit different.

  17. If Neo's story is just a huge Christ analogue, then quite clearly he ressurects after he dies.
    Can't believe we missed this. Or maybe some of us didn't.

    Also headcanon; John Wick is Neo.

  18. I think we’re being intentionally fed scenes that mimic the first movie for 2 reasons. 1: definitely nostalgia. 2: as a misdirection of the actual plot.

  19. After watch again, the premiss is interesting and i do like the new characters like the one played by Neil Patrick Harris. But i would have liked more of the original cast (eg. white rabbit girl) and locations from the first movie.(with the new colour hue).

  20. Anyone else notice how unfazed those officers were that their buddy morphed into an Agent? Like right in front of them? And how quickly the morph occurred? Like no resistance to the change.

  21. No Laurence Fishburne no matrix 4.. it doesn't exist… and I wont acknowledge its existence in passing conversation, if anyone asks if I have seen matrix 4? When it comes out.. ill just say there is only 3 matrix films.. and walk away quickly like they are crack heads. Laurence Fishburne desereved to be in this film and you can tell he wanted to be in it, its heartbreaking and I just cant do that to the man, as far as I am concerned Laurence Fishburne/Morpheus was the matrix.. you cant just replace him with some fresh new fact to take his role to save $$$… it dont work that way… and if Keanu wasn't reprising his role either the whole world would fucking shit… so why is it any different for Morpheus? I cant watch a trash matrix film… and thats exactly what matrix 4 will be without Laurence Fishburne.

    Yahya Abdul-Mateen II cant play Morpheous … that mother fucker might as well just remove himself from the damn motion picture, he should step down and offer the role to Laurence Fishburne… and save the entire film… but instead.. dumb asses will blindly support this new actor… even though its not right to cut Laurence Fishburne out they would rather support a new actor… fucking pathetic.. and not real fans if you can easily swallow that pill.

  22. Neo's Passport does expire 9-11-2001, but the rest of the Image shows a pictogram of two winged things pointing at the Two Towers, both tilting with smoke coming out of one. There is a UFO hovering above and a Comet like object with some dust or something also. The actual bldg. 7 was named Solomon Brothers Building for a reason, as the 9-11 Event was a staged Mega Ritual destruction of Solomon's Temple, False Flag event. The Comet (Type2) C/2010 X1 EleNin (11/9) was to make it's Perihelion on 9-11-2011 exactly 10 Years later. The Elenin and C2012 S1 ISON Comets were the 2 Solar Guardians from the direction of Leo in 2011 and 2013, (either side of 2012). These type of Comets are very energetic cathodes and go thru high Sublimation-Phase Transition as they had neg. charge at nucleus and take on -e and discharge +p while falling towards Earth. The Earth Plane's anode is then taking on the Proton charge, which increases the Solar Wind. I watched the "Solar Wind" increasing every time these Hyperbolic Type 2 Comets were coming thru. This is called the Electrical Shar in ancient Sumerian, or the 3600 years Sars, the "Completion of the Circuit". The Earth is a fixed level Plane protected by a Toroidal Vortex EMF, and every 3600 years the epi-cyclic Completion of the Circuit should occur. The effect is our Solar Wind's Proton Density and Radial Velocity is greatly increased. It's like charging a dying Galvanic Cell Battery (EMF). This is the reason behind such False Flag events like 9-11, and Fukushima 3-11-2011. It's the Shar involving energetic Comets and Electromagnetic field changes, and we'll all be lucky to live through it. I have a YT Channel with more @ Community Section – mulder2400