NEW (2021). HBO Max| NEW (2021) HBO Max

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NEW (2021). HBO Max| NEW (2021) HBO Max

Warner Bros. has released brand new footage from GODZILLA. VS. KONG and SPACE JAM 2. A NEW LEGACY. THE CONJURING 3. MORTALKOMBAT, THE SQUAD, THE SUICIDE. James Wan’s MALIGNANT, and many more. #TheSuicideSquad #MortalKombat

Available to stream on HBO Max

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  1. Warner Bros. and HBO Max have released brand-new footage from GODZILLA VS. KONG, SPACE JAM 2: A NEW LEGACY, THE CONJURING 3, MORTAL KOMBAT, THE SUICIDE SQUAD, James Wan's MALIGNANT and more in this new trailer! #TheSuicideSquad #MortalKombat

  2. i think they know how hype we gonna get with any tiny little couple of seconds of Matrix footage…. is like the whole teaser is building up to that last Matrix frame and i love it

  3. Is there anyone know the title from the backsound? It was lit 🔥 but anyway I really excited for all of those movies!!!!!

  4. Everyone's all excited about Kong vs Zilla, mortal kombat, suicide squad. Not saying I'm not also excited…. BUT SPACE JAM THOUGH!!!!!!! 😳😲😆

  5. Hbo and hbomax will get 60 million new subscribers on april 2021 so 2x what they have today worldwide. Its crazy 120 million subscribers.

  6. Dang, if at the end of the day y’all still pirate these, y’all need to just get a job.
    This is soo good!

  7. Am I the only one who though they mix all these WB characters in one movie??? Its gonna be very very confusing…

  8. So if this is a reboot and were meant to disregard the former Suicide Squad, does that mean we can disregard Birds of Prey considering it was an extension of Suicide Squad? Jeez this universe is a mess

  9. My man really put a Tom and Jerry seen in the suicide squad Two trailer zero budget

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