THE TOMORROW WORRIES Teaser Trailer (2021). Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Action Movie

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THE TOMORROW WAR Teaser Trailer (2021) Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Action

The TOMORROW War Teaser Trailer (2021). Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Action Movie

#TheTomorrowWar debuts globally on Prime Video, July 2, 2021

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PLOT: The TOMORROW WORRIES is a time travel group that arrives in 2051 from time to deliver an urgent message. It’s thirty years ago…

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  1. "We're fighting a war 30 years in the future. Our enemy is not human." Yeah, It's only a teaser, but it still feels pretty generic.

    I guess they figure, "Chris Pratt's in it, that should sell it!"

    Based on what's been leaked about this film, it should be a big deal…

  2. I know it was only 30 seconds but it looks like I've seen this movie a dozen times already.

  3. This movie looks and feels like Battle of Los Angeles meets Edge of Tomorrow been there done that already if the movie gets good enough positive reviews then I'll watch it.

  4. It looked like world war z. Need more footage to see if it isn’t like it

  5. Serious question: Is that "O Canada!" playing in the background?

  6. More CGI-crap on a budget from a company that mostly creates turds.

  7. I'm really looking forward to this movie because it looks really good + I have been a fan of Chris Pratt since his Everwood days.

  8. This makes me wish than someone will make an X-Com movie one day.

  9. This film make no logical sense. Surely if you travelled 30 years into the past. You would give the past intel and technology so they spend the next 30 years in their own time preparing and developing weapons and defense to destroy the threat. Not take people from the past to be soldiers in the future. How stupid can a plot be.

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