V/H/S/94 Trailer (2021) Horror

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V/H/S/94 Trailer (2021) Horror

PLOT: A brutish police team raids a remote warehouse after discovering a mysterious VHS tape. They discover a sinister cult compound with a collection of prerecorded material that leads to a terrifying conspiracy. V/H/S/94, the fourth installment of the hit horror anthology…

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  1. Please do a continuation of two tropes:
    1) The Intermission scenes being about the original heist guys who broke into the VHS1 house!
    2) That trope with "The Call Was Coming From Inside The House!"
    But make the scary part be something like a 1994 VHS recording be from the future.

    I just love the twists in found footage that puts an impossible break in this universe on display.
    Time is everywhere/People teleporting for no logical reason/Just the mundane getting flipped randomly!

  2. Oh snap, i think the same "brutish SWAT team" that enters the warehouse gets ambushed and killed by robots. You can tell by the cut at the end where the robot impales one of the SWAT members.

  3. Can any of the tales in this movie top the asian devil cult tale in VHS 2? That was phenomenal stuff

  4. All the annoyance of shakey cam with all the granuality of pre-2000 handheld, taped cameras… nah. I'm good.

  5. Its been awhile. Finally some good stuff thats not disney related movies. So refresh me why was 3 bad again It's been awhile

  6. These are the scariest movies! Saw both can’t wait for this one! Looks fucking metal!

  7. tired of this exclusive bullshit. there are V/H/S fans literally across the nation dying to see this and can't afford to because of a few extra hundred $$ that can't be missed via partnership. CBS All Access w. Twilight Zone was another bitch move.

  8. this looks better than the first 3 Movies because VHS 94 the tapes Look more better and scarier my favorites in this trailer is one tape about a News reporter l think the demon Monster in the tunnels was the News reporter and my Second tape was The zombie in the coffin that was the Best part of VHS 94 ⚰️🧟‍♂️

  9. i had to stop the trailer midway thought cuz i felt it was already spoiling too much.
    im gonna watch it knowing nothing.
    i really hope its gonna be good, after the HUGE disappointment of Viral…

  10. Another DRAMA QUEEN movie from america…hoooooaaammmmmmm😴😴😴😴😴

  11. It looks good and also at first I didn't like Viral but I watched it again and it grew on me

  12. I really hope it's better than Viral, that was a complete and utter fucking failure

  13. The first segment called Ratman is one of the dumbest peices of shit ive seen in the entire series . Hell even Viral 1st segment was better.

  14. Vhs is like the Rolling Stones. Some are amazing some are completely garbage. But when it’s good baby it’s goooooood 😎

  15. It looks good but why does some parts look like a video game? I missed the first one

  16. So much hatred for religion. It says a lot about the godless antichrists that made it

  17. Is it just me or is that i just saw this trailer today, like i had NO IDEA that they were making a 4th film.

  18. Just finished it!!!💜💜💜The franchise is back and it was worth the wait! At times it reminded me a lot of VHS2 and even the thriller feel of REC and REC 2

  19. Wasted my time watching this garbage. Looks like a horror film made by a rich 12yo boy. Horrible movie. Nothing in the entire movie makes any sense, just a lot of monsters (cool monsters, by the way) and people screaming.

  20. Please don't watch this full trailer. Otherwise you'll spoil your movie experience a little bit.

  21. VHS: Viral didn't make sense to me.
    What was with the ice cream truck? It made people crazy?
    This was never really explained.

  22. Hmmmmm. I was a big fan of VHS 2
    .. The first one was good too.

    When I heard about this I had to come see the trailer. I have shudder. And I will be watching this tommorow