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NEW (2021)| NEW (2021)

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PLOT: The Justice League (Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Cyborg) must fight to save Earth’s existence from Steppenwolf, Darkseid, and Aquaman. #JusticeLeague​ #TheSnyderCut​

CAST: CAST: Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Ben…

The Road To ZACK SNYDER’S JUSTICE LEAGUE | All Trailers (2021) 4K HD
NEW (2021).| NEW (2021)


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  1. ¡ Será Sin Duda Alguna Justice League Snyder Cut Justice League Un Peliculón !, y dará pie a las versiones 2 y 3, saludos desde Santiago de Chile gringos. 💪 💪 💪 💪

  2. Make the bars on the side just a little bigger cause I can almost see something in the middle…

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  4. Just… don't be worse or as bad as the original cut. and if you turn out to be trash…. Let Mortal Kombat be good.

  5. oh i did not know they are making JL animated movie and who the fck is Zack Snyder, why its not called DC's JL?

  6. Youtube needs to do something about videos like this that purposefully extend the trailer out with all the other trailers. I was expecting a 3 minute NEW full trailer.

  7. I want action figures for ZSJL since may 23, 2020 so bad!!

    2. Bandai SH figuarts
    3. art FX studio + statues
    4. iron studio statues
    5. dc multiverse mattel / movie masters
    6. beast kingdom
    7. dc collectibles
    8. play arts kai
    9. funko pop bubble heads
    10. mini figurines
    11. lego
    12. key chains
    13. merc (shirts, bags, caps, etc.)
    14. Hot toys
    15. Crazy toys
    16. Mcfarlene
    17. Mezco
    18. ZS's 6inch Black suit superman, Martian Manhunter & Green Lantern
    19. 10inch collect and connect "BUILD-A-FIGURE" ZSJL steppenwolf and darkseid, with all the spiky articulation!!

  8. Yo man, This gives me chillz….. I have a good feeling this movie will be GREAT

  9. And yo, that trailer music has a STRIKING SIMILARLY TO ENDGAME…..just sayin…. who did the score

  10. Batman (Ben Affleck) needs an electronic voice deepener? Umm maybe he should go on testosterone replacement therapy or get HGH or somethin so he can be more masculine.

  11. If this is good, we need to restore the snyderverse. Just keep Shazam and Aquaman.