7 More Movies Similar to Spike Lee’s Thrilling remake

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Oldboy is topping the Netflix charts this week, nearly a decade after its first release in 2013. The Spike Lee joint is making a resurgence on the streaming giant, coming in at sixth place in today’s Top Movies on Netflix. Basically, that means: if you haven’t watched it, get cracking! All the cool kids are watching Oldboy. And once you’ve streamed the thriller, we’ve got a few more movies on Netflix that are sure to enthrall you just as much. Keep on reading to find out what to watch on Netflix after Oldboy.

Lee’s film is actually an American recreation of Park Chan-wook‘s 2003 film of the same name. Both follow the same premise: a drunken man is released from prison yet again by a friend. But he’Soon, he was captured and thrown in prison for a few more decades. Television is his only company. Suddenly, he’s offered the chance to get revenge on his captor. Lee’s newer version stars Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Imperioli, and more folks.

If you want to watch the original, it’s not streaming on Netflix on the moment. You’ll have to rent or purchase it on a platform like Prime Video or iTunes to tune in. But if you’ve finished Oldboy and are looking for more thrillers just like it on Netflix, we can help — here are seven flicks to stream if you loved Spike Lee’s adaptation.


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Netflix has more action and drama with Léon the Professional, a 1994 Luc Besson flick that stars Natalie Portman as a 12-year-old assassin. Do we need to say more? Well, the movie follows a young Mathilda as she befriends hired hitman Léon (Jean Reno) in lieu of her abusive father. He trains her to be a mentor under Tony (Danny Aiello). When her entire family is murdered by a corrupt DEA agent, Mathilda teams with her neighbor to avenge everyone she’s lost.

Stream Léon the Professional on Netflix


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In another hostage situation, The Platform follows hundreds of prisoners trapped in what feels like a giant social experiment. They live in what’s called “Vertical Cell Management,”Also known as “The Pit,”A system that feeds prisoners from top to bottom. Each day, a food platform is moved from one level to another. Prisoners must eat all they can in a single minute. They move up or down each month, adapting their food capabilities as they discover their new position. When the prisoner is forced to work at a lower level, it can be deadly.

Stream The Platform on Netflix



Every Spike Lee joint is different from the last, but if you’re looking for more of a similar style from the director, we’d recommend his Netflix original Da 5 Bloods. The recent drama is more war movie than thriller. It follows a few veterans as they return to their old fighting grounds to find treasure that was hidden years ago. If you loved the high stakes action, themes of aging and time passing, and great performances of Oldboy, you’re sure to love Da 5 Bloods.

Stream Da 5 Bloods on Netflix


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The star-studded Savages is a perfect movie to watch after Oldboy, with plenty of kick-ass fight scenes and thrills to keep you thoroughly entertained. The film is about two Californian entrepreneurs who have a weed business and a female partner. Life is pretty good — until the merciless leader of a Mexican cartel crashes their pad and demands a hefty cut of their biz. She underestimates their unbreakable bond and could be beaten. Savages stars Blake Lively (Salma Hayek), Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Stream Savages on Netflix



This buzzy new Netflix movie will please fans of Oldboy and Sandra Bullock. The Unforgivable follows Ruth Slater, a woman released from prison after a violent crime trapped her behind bars for years. Ruth is determined to find her little sister, and she’s trying to win over the public. Then, perhaps, she’ll be able to put her life back together again. Fans of Oldboy‘s critique of the incarceration system will be fascinated by the similar tale in The Unforgivable.

Stream The Unforgivable on Netflix



Forgotten is for fans of both the American version of Oldboy and the South Korean original. Another twisting and turning South Korean flick, Forgotten follows a man trying to figure out the days before his brother’s kidnapping — from his brother, who’s returned and lost his memory from the entire time. The psychological thriller is full of suspense, and will surely woo those who find hostage films like Oldboy gripping.

Stream Forgotten on Netflix


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Another South Korean hit, The Drug King, is surely a hit for all Oldboy enthusiasts. Starring Parasite‘s Song Kang-ho, the violent thriller follows a petty smuggler from Busan as he dives into a slew of illicit drug trafficking in the 1970s. Soon, as the title predicts, he becomes the king of narcotics exports to Japan, but it’This comes at a high price. If the Drug King wants to keep his position, he will have to be a good sport and fight wild enemies.

Stream The Drug King on Netflix

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