After her dad’s death from COVID, Abigail Breslin condemns the mask-shaming troll

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She couldn’t mask her anger.

Abigail Breslin responded to an internet troll calling her a liar for wearing a face-mask after her father died from COVID-19.

Breslin, 25 years old, posted a photo in which she was wearing a mask while riding a coaster. An Instagram user, @chesty1987 commented on the picture. “Who’s the pathetic loser wearing a mask?”

The “Scream Queens” star didn’t take the snub lightly, responding to the IG user by commenting back, “That pathetic loser would be me, someone who lost their dad due to someone not wearing a mask and giving him Covid. You can kindly go f–k off now.”

But the internet troll continued the rampage, suggesting that wearing masks amid the pandemic won’t save lives and that her father was just “weak.”

“I’m pretty sure wearing a mask isn’t going to save anyones life lol. Clearly I know more than her if she thinks someone who wasn’t wearing a mask killed her father when in reality he was weak,”@Chesty1987 wrote and said that they had never worn a mask. “never been sick once.”

Breslin shared a screenshot from the comments and asked his fans to help him retaliate by writing. “would love if you could all report this @chesty1987 person. To say my dad died because he was ‘weak’ is something I will not tolerate.”

And the “Little Miss Sunshine”Star felt again that she had the duty to defend herself against trolls. They called her out for not wearing masks in a group picture she posted from within a club.

Michael Breslin died in February 2021.abbienormal9/Instagram

“We took [our masks] off for one photo. Everyone present was vaccinated as well as being tested before hand. I was calling someone out for telling me my father was ‘weak’ because he passed away from Covid and said I was a ‘pathetic loser’ for wearing my mask on a public ride with strangers,”She wrote. “I wear my mask always around others Except for friends I know are vaccinated and have been tested beforehand.”

She also stated that she would be the one to do it. “last post for a while” because she doesn’t feel like she needs to further explain herself.

Breslin announced that Michael Breslin, her father, had died from COVID-19 in February 2021 at the age of just 78.

 “At 6:32 PM EST , my sweet, perfect, amazing, heroic, wonderful dada passed away after my family and I said goodbye,”She wrote at the time that it was the coronavirus. “cut my sweet daddy’s life too short.”

She had earlier asked her fans for their support. “prayers and positivity” after he was put on a ventilator.

“In the meantime, please continue to wear your masks and follow COVID protocol. Thank you,”She said it.

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