AI-generated party pics look eerily real — unless you can spot these tells

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Sorry for part-AI rocking.

A developer on Twitter is going viral after sharing what appears to be vintage-style snaps from a house party, created with artificial intelligence. And if you stare at them too long, it won’t be a party keeping you up, but the nightmares of the “uncanny valley” that keep you from sleep.

The photos, posted by @mileszim on Twitter, appear to depict fun, candid moments at a party. Though the faces may look real enough, they are, in fact, amalgamations of countless faces conjured by a machine.

To create the images, Twitter user Miles used an AI platform called Midjourney, an independent research lab that creates images by using a written text description.

Although the images look legit at a glance, some of the party-goers are missing key body parts.

In one photo, which shows two women posing for a photo with a white digital camera, the woman taking the snap has what looks like a severely deformed hand. Another pic of two women holding what appears to be a type of Polaroid camera shows even more fingers growing out of the photographer’s hand.

Twitter user @mileszim created some creepy AI-generated photos of people at a party–but some things in the pictures are slightly off. mileszim/Twitter

In the AI-generated photos uploaded by @mileszim, some of the “people” had extra body parts growing out of them.mileszim/Twitter

“Midjourney is getting crazy powerful—none of these are real photos, and none of the people in them exist,” Miles wrote in the caption of his Twitter post.

Many of the women in the collection of photos also have too many teeth in their mouths, and one had a missing fingertip on her thumb.

“Pretty soon, the only way to tell will be to count the fingers,” one user wrote in response to Miles on Twitter. “5 and it’s real, 6 it’s questionable, 7 and it’s definitely AI generated.”

Another commenter claimed that AI was setting unrealistic beauty standards for women.

Twitter user @mileszim used an AI-generating platform to create these images. mileszim/Twitter

“Oh great,” they wrote. “More ways to create unrealistic body types, and make women feel pressure to conform.”

“Well it’s too bad that AI image Generators do not, in fact, create art, and will never be a replacement for a real person,” one person agreed.

In the same Twitter thread, Miles shared another set of his AI-generated photos, this time all males. He revealed that you have to be very specific when trying to build male AI-generated figures.

These AI-generated photos look super real, but upon having a closer look, they could leave you with nightmares. mileszim/Twitter

In the AI-generated photos, the men couldn’t seem to have the right amount of fingers, either.mileszim/Twitter

These images, which showed a group of men using plastic cups to “cheers” each other, featured the same problem with the number of fingers. In one picture, one young man’s hand who was holding a red cup had his hand completely detached from his body.

While sharing the pictures of what looked to be a group of guys at a house party, Miles noted that he found the AI generator to be biased, as his command for “people” seemed to default to white people, specifically.

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