Aidan Quinn switches from Teddy Roosevelt’s episode to the 500th episode of SVU

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Teddy Roosevelt was known for so many indelible traits — including his toothy smile.

Aidan Quinn, who plays him is Aidan Quinn. “The American Guest,” made Roosevelt’s choppers a priority when getting into character for the HBO Max series, shot on location in Brazil and in the Amazon jungle.

“One of the first things I was insistent on with [director] Bruno [Barreto] — I kept looking at pictures and watching videos and looking at photos of him smiling and laughing — was that we find a dentist to help make me those teeth,”Quinn, 62 years old, spoke to The Post. “We did find a dentist in Sao Paulo … and it worked out fantastically.”

(Quinn also received 25 pounds for his role. “I still have some of it, which my wife tells me about on a daily basis,”He stated.

The four-part series chronicles Roosevelt’s 1914 expedition into the jungle with Brazilian explorer Col. Candido Rondon (Chico Diaz) to chart the course of the unknown Rio da Dúvida (“River of Doubt”They are able to interact with the Amazon Basin’s indigenous people and face unpredictable, harsh elements. Two years had passed since the shooting of the former president while he was running for reelection, and he was a Progressive. “Bull Moose” Party — and then promptly gave a 90-minute campaign speech with the bullet lodged in his chest and blood soaking through his shirt.

Chico Diaz and Aidan Quinn portray Teddy Roosevelt and Candido Ronaldon in “The American Guest.”HELENA GENTIL BARRETO

“I knew a little bit about [the expedition] because PBS had done a special about it, with all the details and all that incredible stuff,” Quinn said. “We were roughing it, staying in eco-huts for a good bit of [the shoot], and what was keeping creatures of out my bedroom was just a screen. When I would shower in the morning a Capuchin monkey would watch me, and there was a 165-pound rodent ripping out the bushes by the door. I thought it was a jaguar trying to get in but it was chomping down on the bushes like, ‘What’s your problem?’ I nearly stepped on a coral snake, which can be deadly, getting out of the shower and our boats overturned in rapids — with actors in them.”

“The American Guest”The historical record is closely followed. Roosevelt was 55 years old at the time. He was accompanied by many people, including Kermit Mason (Chris Mason). “Riverdale”) and his friend, Father John Augustine Zahm (Gene Jones), who organized the trip — sponsored in part by the American Museum of Natural History. Dana Delany plays Teddy’s wife, Edith.

“All of [Roosevelt’s] accomplishments … he was a mass of contradictions,” Quinn said. “He had that mid-Atlantic dialect, which a lot of wealthy people had at the time, yet he would knock you out in a second, which he did as a 23-year-old assemblyman in Albany — and when the guy came to, [Roosevelt]He was asked, ‘Would you like to say that again?’he was then knocked down again.

“He was a boxer, a horseman, a cowboy … he read one-to-three books a day and had a photographic memory and was one of the most extraordinary individuals. He was the first president of America to ride in an automobile and an airplane.

“One of the highlights of my career was playing this character,”He replied. “I had only five-and-a-half weeks to drown myself in every biography, voice recording and film footage of him that I could. I worked hard with a coach in dialect and listened to recordings of Teddy and others like him.

“It was just a true honor.”(Roosevelt was 60 when he died in 1919.

Left to right: Aidan Quinn, Mariska Hargitay, Bernadette Quigley and Danny Pino in Thursday night’s 500th episode of “Law & Order: SVU.”Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Quinn also had the honor of appearing in Thursday night’s (Oct. 21) milestone episode of “Law & Order: SVU”(9 p.m. on NBC) – Marking his return to the venerable franchise now entering its 23rd season (he also appeared in the 2007 episode). “Savant”

“I play an old friend of Olivia’s [series star Mariska Hargitay] who comes back with a cold case he need help from her on, and that rekindles some of the things from our relationship when we were younger,”Burton Lowe was his favorite character. “Mariska was great; we had some really intense scenes together and she just hits it out of the park.

“There were a couple of times where I thought she had cut the scene and then realized, ‘Oh god, no, that’s her line.’ She was so fresh and real. It literally took my breath away.”

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