Airbnb host shares 4 design tips to stand out and get more bookings

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Bridgette Whitney, 24, attributes the success of her Airbnb in Nashville to quirky design choices. Hosts from North Carolina to Arizona turn to her to help their listings stand out from the competition. She shares her top design tips, from painting your own mural to creating an eye-catching bedroom. Something is loading.

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Bridgette Whitney fell into designing Airbnbs after providing her own short-term rental in Nashville.

Whitney, 24, started hosting the unit in 2022 through rental arbitration, which means she doesn’t own the unit but rents it instead of the building and then the rent on Airbnb. She is hosting with her boyfriend Blue Delgado, 26, whom she met at San Diego State University.

The number of Airbnbs in Nashville has more than doubled since 2017, according to data from analytics site AirDNA, from 3,700 in 2017 to 7,700 in 2022. Knowing how competitive rentals have become in the Music City, Whitney was determined to stand out.

“There are thousands of Airbnbs in Nashville. We had to make it weird,” said Whitney, who shares her design sense with 124,000 Instagram followers.

Whitney painted the walls of her two-bedroom unit in downtown Nashville bright pink and orange with curvy line patterns and purchased items like a gumball machine and a bowl-shaped couch to outfit the room. ‘space.

Travelers responded enthusiastically.

“When you have a colorful and lively space, you attract happy customers,” Whitney said. The couple says the unit’s typical monthly income of $328/night and up is $9,500.

The pressure is on for Airbnb hosts as we approach 2023. Demand for short-term stays will continue to grow, but competition is fiercer than ever from a growing number of rental properties.

Making bold and adventurous design choices is one way to maintain a competitive edge, Whitney said. She has already been asked to design six other Airbnbs in Arizona and North Carolina.

“I really feel like in the times we live in, you really have to go beyond those extra steps,” she told Insider.

Whitney emphasized that hosts don’t need to go broke, but pick a single room or area to focus on. She broke down her four entry-level tips to get bold with the design.

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