Armed Police Arrest Driver After Hertz Wrongly Reported Car As Stolen

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Armed police detained a man and his teenage daughter for 30 minutes after renting a car from Hertz. Nicholas Wright is one of approximately 400 people suing Hertz for false arrests. Hertz told Insider it would challenge “false claims intended to harm our business.” Something is loading.

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A man who is suing Hertz after he was held at gunpoint 30 minutes after renting his vehicle says the incident left his daughter in therapy and terrified of police.

Nicholas Wright and his then 13-year-old daughter were arrested by armed officers in October last year, 30 minutes after hiring a car.

He is among hundreds of people suing Hertz after encounters with law enforcement following reported thefts of rental cars while customers were driving them.

The plaintiff, who was renting with Hertz subsidiary Thrifty, was told by officers that the car had been reported stolen by the company.

A video seen by Insider shows several police officers swarming Wright and her daughter in a Georgia parking lot.

“I had my hands in that sweatshirt, hoodie up, in the pouring rain. Do you know how easy it could have been, me – even worse, my daughter – could have gotten shot,” said Wright.

He told Insider that a manager at the Thrifty depot laughed on the phone when he first called in a panic about the incident. Wright then received an upgrade and $200 off her bill.

“I mean, it’s crazy to me. I still can’t figure out that line of thinking. So it’s clear, nobody cares,” Wright said.

Officers at the scene told Wright “this happens all the time with Hertz”, before he was allowed to leave when the manager arrived.

Wright says the incident had a serious impact on her daughter, who is now 14. She is in therapy and finds it hard to bear to see police on the street, he said.

“As a 14-year-old young woman, this is going to be a long-term thing that she’s probably going to struggle with for the rest of her life,” Wright said, “Hertz has to be held accountable.”

Francis Malofiy, who represents nearly 400 plaintiffs who file against Hertz, told Insider, “Basically government taxpayers are subsidizing inventory control for a private company. It’s much cheaper to shift that burden onto the taxpayers and to put these police officers in the worst position possible when they already have a fractured relationship with the communities.”

In a statement to Insider about the lawsuit, a Hertz spokesperson said, “Hertz cares deeply about our customers and we successfully provide rental vehicles to tens of millions of travelers each year.

“Where our customers have been negatively affected, we are committed to doing what is right for our customers. At the same time, we will protect and defend against false claims intended to harm our business.”

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