After John Hersey’s revelation about his dating life, Blake Moynes has decided to unfollow Katie Thurston

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One rose can bloom, but another will wilt. 

Blake Moynes unfollowed ex-fiancée Katie Thurston on Instagram after it was revealed on Tuesday that the Season 17 “Bachelorette”John Hersey, her former suitor, is now her partner. 

Bachelor Nation quickly took notice of Moynes’ social media activity, with many sharing enthusiastic support for the Canadian wildlife manager, 31, on Twitter. 

“I usually like the internet a lot, but one thing I DON’T like is the internet whenever a bachelor nation couple breaks up,”One person wrote. 

“today everyone seems to hate blake because he unfollowed katie. people who don’t continue to follow their exes on social media should be PRAISED!!”

Others posted GIFs and memes that expressed their approval of Moynes’ decision to remove Thurston, 30, from his IG feed. 

Moynes won Thurston’s final rose and proposed to her on the “Bachelorette”The finale aired in August. They ended their engagement in October. 

Page Six was informed by a source at the time that Thurston, a Washington resident who moved to San Diego, Calif., with Moynes, from Canada, was now closer than ever. “too difficult to navigate.” 

Hersey, 27, also lives in San Diego. Hersey is close to Thurston but also geographically. “is much more of her type than Blake,”Page Six was told exclusively by a source. 

Thurston and Moynes were married on “The Bachelorette”Season 17 this summer.ABC

“She finally came to realize that John is a better fit than anyone else she met on the show,”The insider went on. 

“She told producers at the beginning of her season that John caught her eye and she regrets that she got distracted by the other men along the way. But she’s hopeful they can start a new chapter off-camera. She’s smitten.” 

Thurson implied as much after Hersey’s limo entrance on night one of Season 17. “Yeah, that’s my type. I think that’s my type,”After meeting the bartender, she said this to herself. “Did he hear me? Play it cool.”

Despite her infatuation for Thurston, Thurston sent Hersey back home during Week 2. When the couple were seen together in San Diego, more dating rumors circulated. “Bachelor” “Bachelorette” alums. 

Thurston called Hersey hers at the time. “dear friend.”On Tuesday, however, her rep stated to Page Six that they look forward to exploring a new area. “newly found romantic connection.”

Page Six was told exclusively by a source that Thurston is “smitten”Hersey & is “hopeful they can start a new chapter off-camera.” Getty Images

Thurston had initially hinted that she was in love with Hersey in Tuesday’s final installment of her book “12 Days of Messy” Instagram Story series, for which she paired her reality TV exes with songs from Taylor Swift’s album “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

A touching montage of Thurston and Hersey was soundtracked by Swift’s track “Begin Again.”

Reps for Moynes, Thurston and Hersey didn’t immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment. 

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