Democrats downplay Biden becoming first president to turn 80 in office

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Joe Biden will go down in history on his birthday, November 20, as America’s first president aged 80. But the White House doesn’t want to draw attention to the day, POLITICO reports. “As President Biden said, anyone with questions about his age should just watch it,” a spokesperson told Politico. Something is loading.

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The White House doesn’t want to draw attention to Joe Biden’s upcoming birthday, even though he will go down in history as the first 80-year-old in the Oval Office.

Biden is already the oldest president ever elected in the United States, and his top aides “have called Biden’s global allies for advice on how best to handle the date,” POLITICO reports.

They plan for now to downplay the Nov. 20 anniversary and focus on his work, according to POLITICO, citing sources familiar with the talks.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates told POLITICO: “As President Biden said, anyone with questions about his age should just watch him: he created a job record, made strongest NATO it has ever been and amassed the largest legislative record since LBJ in less than half a term.”

Biden’s birthday comes amid scrutiny of his age, especially as he ponders whether he should run for re-election in 2024. In his “Red, White, and Grey” series, Insider explored the costs, benefits and dangers of living in a democracy ruled by people of old age, where issues of critical importance to the nation’s youth and future are largely in the hands of of those whose premiums have passed.

Insider reached out to Biden’s team to find out if he plans to throw a big birthday party or keep it small and private, and will update this story with a response.

Aides have suggested to POLITICO that a campaign kickoff for Biden would take place in the early months of next year. If he were to win, he would be 82 on inauguration day, breaking the record he set in 2021 as the oldest president sworn in, and 86 when he left office.

But some Democrats have called for a new generation of leaders while Republicans have questioned Biden’s mental acumen.

—Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJacksonTX) October 10, 2022

Biden drew more criticism recently when he sought out the late Rep. Jackie Walorski at a press conference, asking “Where’s Jackie.” Republicans across the country took advantage of the awkward moment to attack Biden’s competence.

Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, told POLITICO that the average voter doesn’t care how old Biden is, but “rather wants to know what Joe Biden is going to do to improve his life.”

A poll tied to the Reds, Whites and Grays showed a majority of respondents consider Biden and presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who is 76, too old to serve again.

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