Florida cop tipped off person arrested in connection with DeSantis voter fraud crackdown

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A Florida cop has given advice to a man that he was arrested during Gov. Ron DeSantis’ voter fraud crackdown. Police body camera footage obtained by the Tampa Bay Times shows cops appearing sympathetic to those they were arresting. The 20 people arrested on August 18 were given voter registration cards to vote in the 2020 election, the Times reported. Something is loading.

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Florida police appeared sympathetic as they arrested several people during a crackdown on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ voter fraud and even advised a man on how to defend himself against the charges, footage shows. police body camera obtained by the Tampa Bay Times.

The Tampa Bay Times published the Aug. 18 footage Tuesday, showing police arresting three people charged with voter fraud as part of investigations by DeSantis’ new Election Crimes and Security Bureau.

The arrests are linked to a 2018 constitutional amendment that granted felons – except anyone convicted of murder or a criminal sex offense – the right to vote. The 2018 law has caused widespread confusion about who can vote, and voter registration forms lack clarity, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

The August 18 arrests took place just hours before DeSantis held a press conference announcing that 20 people had been charged with voter fraud related to the 2020 presidential election. voter, now face up to five years in prison, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Footage of the arrests shows confusion among cops and those arrested.

At one point in the video footage, a police officer can be seen advising Nathan Hart on how he could defend himself against charges.

Hart, who looked confused, was told by cops that he couldn’t vote and that “unfortunately” there was a warrant for his arrest.

“I guess you’re not allowed to vote,” the officer told Hart.

“Well, no. But no one ever really explained any of this to me,” Hart said as police handcuffed him.

Hart told police that when he went to get a new driver’s license, a Department of Motor Vehicles employee said that even though he was a convicted felon, he was allowed to vote again because he didn’t. was no longer on probation.

He said a DMV employee tricked him into filling out a voter registration form and told him that if he was allowed to vote, they would give him a voter card. If he isn’t, he wouldn’t get any.

“There’s your defense,” the cop replied. “It feels like an escape to me.”

The cop told Hart that despite receiving a voter’s card, he was not allowed to vote because he was a convicted sex offender.

The video showed police arresting two other people – a man, identified by The Times as Tony Patterson, and a woman – who both appeared confused as to why they were handcuffed.

The woman told officers that upon her release from prison she was told she was eligible to vote again because “I had done my time”.

Patterson asked the cops, “why are you all doing this now and it happened years ago?”

Cops told the three people featured in the video that the warrants had arrived the day before, although they don’t know why this was happening now.

“It’s crazy here,” Patterson said. “Why would you all let me vote if I couldn’t vote?”

DeSantis did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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