French President unveils COVID-19 Strategy: “Piss Off” the Unvaccinated

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French President Emmanuel Macron stated that he wants to “piss off” unvaccinated people so that they’ll get jabbed.
France’s parliament is discussing a new measure to prevent the unvaccinated traveler from social venues and other activities.
Political rivals slammed Macron’s comments.

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday highlighted his strategy for France’s vaccination drive — “piss off” those who refuse to get the jabs by blocking them from restaurants, sports centers, travel, and other services and venues.

Macron said that he is not interested in pissing of the French people in an interview published on French newspaper Le Parisien. “But I want to pity the unvaccinated. We will keep doing this until the end. This is the strategy.

French parliament is currently discussing a new measure to allow only fully vaccinated citizens to be eligible for the “health pass”. Presently, the health pass — required for access to most social venues and long-distance public transport — may be obtained by anyone who presents a negative COVID-19 test.

France’s 67.3 million population has been vaccinated to a total of 73.3%. Macron estimated that around 90% of those who are eligible for the vaccine have received their shots, while a small minority continues to resist.

“How can we reduce this minority?” He said, “We reduce it, sorry for that expression, by pissing off even more.”

The president stated that his government would have to put pressure on the unvaccinated by “limiting as much as possible their access to social life activities.”

Macron also stated that “From January 15, you won’t have the opportunity to go to a restaurant anymore, won’t get one to eat, won’t get a coffee, can’t go to a theatre, or the cinema.”

His political rivals criticised Macron’s choice in words. Marine Le Pen, head France’s far-right National Rally Party, tweeted that Macron was “unworthy” of his office and that “a president shouldn’t say that.”

She stated that the president wants to make unvaccinated people “second-class citizens.”

Macron’s comments also fuelled opposition leaders’ arguments against the new health pass measure.

According to Le Parisien Christian Jacob, leader and founder of the Republican party, stated that he could not support a text that aims to piss off French people.

“Astonishing confession from Macron,” tweeted Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the far-left France Insoumise party. “It is obvious that the vaccine pass was a collective punishment against individual liberty.”

Macron, who took office in 2017, also indicated that he wanted to run for re-election in April. However the official announcement has yet to be made.

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