Friends worry as Chris Noth feels like his life is over, according to friends

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Friends of Chris Noth are concerned about him — and his drinking — amid his sexual assault scandal.

Two women accused the actor of sexual assault just days before Christmas. Five women have reported abuse to the actor, whose accounts go back many decades.

It’s cost him work, including on CBS’ “The Equalizer,”This week, it was reported that he had been removed from the final scenes of the movie. “Sex and the City” spin-off “And Just Like That”He recently filmed in Paris alongside Sarah Jessica Parker.

HBO Max declined to comment.

Now insiders say they’re worried about how Noth is reacting.

According to one source, he was known as: “Chris honestly feels like his life is over. I think that drinking has played a big role in his problems. Everything is taking a toll. His friends would like him to get some help.”

Chris Noth was a member of Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nathen Garson before the accusations against him were made. “And Just Like That” premiere after-party. Dave Allocca/Starpix

Sources insistently deny that he’s ever been drunk on sets or that he has an alcohol problem.

Actress Zoe Lister Jones — who once worked as a bartender at Noth’s New York City club The Cutting Room, where she claimed he was “consistently sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter” — accused him of drinking on set while they filmed NBC’s “Law & Order.”

Lister Jones was a guest star on the show, where Noth played Detective Mike Logan. Writing on Instagram, she alleged: “During my interrogation scene he had a 22 oz. He would have a bottle of beer under the table between each take.

Beverly Johnson, model, accused Noth in a sex attack during their relationship in 1990s. Ron Galella Collection via Getty

“In one take he got close to me, sniffed my neck, and whispered, ‘You smell good.’ I didn’t say anything. My friend at the club never said anything. It’s so rare that we do.” 

Reps for Noth were unable to comment on the story.

Multiple sources stated that Noth does not have an option but to step aside from the public eye.

Last month, just a few days after he and Tara Wilson enjoyed a date at the glamorous Manhattan premiere of “And Just Like That” at MoMA, Noth made an appearance on Andy Cohen and Amy Sedaris’ “Holiday Hangout”SiriusXM’s live show was broadcast from The Cutting Room in Midtown.

Looking disheveled and clutching a bottle of tequila from his Ambhar brand, Noth seemed to slur his words as he planted a fake kiss on Cohen’s mouth.

“That was so beautiful,”Noth explained to the audience: “I love [Cohen’s] pants … you should see his underwear.”

Cohen was enthused as Noth spoke about his tequila. “He’s chugging it from the bottle — this guy is no joke.”

When asked about his most famous character, Mr. Big’s death in the first episode, he replied that he was sorry. “AJLT”Noth fake wept after suffering a heart attack during a Peloton Ride. “It was marvelous, but I can’t talk about it.”

Noth was apparently cut from flashbacks he filmed, according to reports. “And Just Like That.”GC Images

Cohen said: “Do you own a Peloton?”Noth replied, “I’m wearing it.”

His appearance drew a lot of attention from fans who reacted via Twitter with one thought “Don’t know if he’s guilty or not but the Chris Noth segment just last Friday with @Andy & Amy’s holiday celebration sure didn’t age well in just 7 days.”

Noth, who has denied the sexual assault allegations against him, is believed to have talked to actor friends who want to come forward to stand up for him — but one industry source said, “It’s hard, because they don’t want to get embroiled in this.”

As Page Six previously revealed, Noth’s marriage to Wilson, the mother of his two young sons, has been hanging by a thread since the allegations were first made public last month. She is believed to still stand by him, even though they didn’t spend Christmas together and Wilson continues to live at their Los Angeles home.


One source who knows the two said: “The problem is that even if Chris did not do what these woman said he did, he still had some kind of sexual encounter with them and he cheated on Tara. This is difficult to comprehend.

“At the moment, they’re still together. They’re trying to work things out.”

The Hollywood Reporter published the first two allegations against Noth last month. Both women shared similar accounts of how he allegedly raped them, but Noth — who has been married to Wilson since 2012 — denied the claims. He said that both interactions were. “consensual.”Beverly Johnson, his ex-love and former partner, also claimed assault. “SATC” set.

Lisa Gentile, a singer, accused him in 2002 of sexual assault. Noth denied the accusation.

“The story is a complete fabrication, and the alleged accounts detailed throughout read like a piece of bad fiction,”A representative for Noth stated last month.

His representation has since dropped Noth.

Source: “Chris has no option now but to step away from the public eye for a good long while and try to rehabilitate himself.”

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