Ghislaine Maxwell’s Husband Calls Her to Disown Her While She Was in JailReport

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Sources told Mail that Ghislaine’s husband called her to tell her about a woman.
Maxwell and Scott Borgerson secretly got married in 2016. He tried to secure her release from bail.
Maxwell’s friend told the Mail that Maxwell and his wife were divorced before the trial.

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Sources told the Mail on Sunday that Ghislaine Maxwell and her husband divorced after he told her that he had a new woman.

Maxwell secretly wed Silicon Valley entrepreneur Scott Borgerson in 2016. Scott Borgerson was accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein abuse girls. Maxwell was later convicted.

Maxwell’s friend told the Mail that Maxwell had called her while she was in prison, and that it became “confrontational.”

According to the Mail, Borgerson told Maxwell that he had “moved forward” and was seeing another person. The person said that their marriage was over before the trial began.

Another person informed the Mail that Borgerson did not attend Maxwell’s trial.

Maxwell was convicted of five of six charges related to sex trafficking on Wednesday. He could face a 65-year sentence.

The Mail reported that Borgerson was photographed with another woman near his Massachusetts home. Kris McGinn was named in the report and said she was a yoga teacher as well as a writer.

Maxwell’s friend said to the Mail that they hope the marriage can be “dissolved amicably” and “quickly.”

Borgerson addressed Maxwell in a letter that was part of a larger bail appeal and offered to pay millions for her release.

In October, Maxwell’s brother Ian Maxwell told Insider that his family was “really shocked” to learn that she was married. He didn’t know if Maxwell and Borgerson were still together at the time.

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