GOP suspect in Democrats’ home shootings was ‘erratic’: report

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The New Mexico GOP candidate accused of plotting shootings at Democrats’ homes was “aggressive” and “erratic.” Police have accused Solomon Peña of being the “mastermind” of a plot to shoot at the homes of four elected Democrats in the state. An official told NBC News that Pena appeared in his home after the election and started campaign plots. Something is loading.

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New Mexico’s failed GOP candidate, accused by police of plotting shootings at the homes of state elected officials, visited their homes shortly after losing his election and was ‘erratic’ and “aggressive,” some of the targeted officials told NBC News.

Police say ousted Republican candidate Solomon Peña was arrested Monday in connection with the shooting and drove to the targets’ home after losing his local election.

Bernalillo County Commissioner Adriann Barboa told NBC News that Peña showed up at her home right after the November election.

“He was kind of erratic in the points he was trying to make about the election, how many doors he knocked on and how many votes didn’t match,” Barboa said. She told NBC that she called the police after the incident.

“He was at my door and he was aggressive. He was a Holocaust denier,” Barboa said.

Barboa’s home was one of four targeted, Albuquerque police said. She received eight shots at her home on Dec. 4, NBC News reported.

Former County Commissioner Debbie O’Malley – another whose home was allegedly targeted by Peña – shared a similar experience with NBC News, saying that Peña first showed up at her old house before following her there. at his new address.

His house was then hit by 12 bullets on the night of December 11, police said.

“This guy came to my house. I was very worried and it was very upsetting. He was angry that he lost the election,” she said. “He felt the election was unfair and wrong.”

O’Malley told NBC he didn’t threaten her at the time, but she quickly called the police after he passed.

Police believe Pena was the “mastermind” of a plot to shoot the homes of four elected Democrats in the state, including two Bernalillo County commissioners and two state legislators.

New Mexico police charged Peña with hiring four men to carry out the shooting; he may also have personally shot one of the houses himself.

Police believe Peña was motivated by anger over losing his election, which he lost to incumbent Democrat Miguel P. Garcia by nearly 50% of the vote.

He has previously dubbed himself ‘King MAGA’ and said he was ‘considering his options’ after his defeat, refusing to back down to his opponent in a tweet the day after the election.

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