GOP’ers might support DeSantis, but might not be ‘having a good time’ with him

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Former President Obama recently compared a big difference in how the two parties review candidates. On the “Pod Save America” ​​show, Obama said DeSantis could win votes through a conservative media ecosystem. Obama spoke about the relativity of John Fetterman, while believing that DeSantis’ behavior was different. Something is loading.

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In a recent interview, former President Barack Obama said Republican voters might support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but wondered if they would “have a good time” interacting with him as he speaks out. on the differences between the nomination processes for GOP candidates and Democratic candidates.

During an episode of “Pod Save America” ​​that aired on Saturday, Obama spoke enthusiastically about Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman before delving into how GOP voters review politicians. within their party.

Obama said while Fetterman — who is locked in a very consequential Senate race against Republican Mehmet Oz — was able to identify with a wide range of voters, he said Republicans don’t always select candidates seen as comparable to average voters.

The former president said most people could interact with Fetterman in a restaurant and be able to converse with him even if they disagreed with him because the Democratic nominee “cares about people” and has “a point of view that has been informed by his true- life experiences.”

“Those qualities don’t always seem to apply to successful Republican candidates,” Obama told hosts Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor, all former Obama staffers. “What is going on there? I do not know exactly.

He continued: “But I suspect, and I’ve told you guys about it before…again, it’s the extent to which conservative media just has a lock on how people are portrayed. The mainstream narratives there are so powerful that people will vote for DeSantis even though I’m not sure they’d really have a good time.”

Favreau said, “He doesn’t seem like much fun.”

Obama replied, “Hanging out with this guy.”

Lovett then chimed in and said DeSantis’ behavior “would be a problem” if the Republican ran for the White House against former President Donald Trump.

“You just can’t look like Trump,” Lovett said.

Favreau then pushed DeSantis again, calling him “Trump without the charisma.”

DeSantis is favored for re-election as Florida governor next month and could be a presidential candidate in 2024, potentially putting him on a collision course with Trump, who helped revive his 2018 gubernatorial campaign and continues to tease a third White House campaign to supporters.

According to people who spoke with Axios, Trump said privately that DeSantis had “no personal charisma” and called his potential rival’s personality “lackluster.”

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