How to view your Google Maps Timeline

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Google Maps’ timeline displays all countries, cities, attractions, and other information.
You can view your timeline on the Google Maps mobile app or on the website.
For the timeline to work, it is necessary to have Location History enabled in your Google Account.
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Nearly all major apps track your location in some manner. While most apps will try to keep this information secret and won’t tell you why, Google Maps allows you to use your location.

Google Maps does more than just show you your current location and give you directions. You can also create a Google Maps timeline if you have it enabled. This allows you to see where you traveled on a particular day, the attractions and restaurants you visited, towns that you’ve been in, and countries you’ve traveled to.

Here’s how to check your Google Maps timeline — and how to enable Location History so you can make a timeline in the first place.

How to enable Location History in Google Maps

Google Maps creates your timeline, by tracking where and when you were there over a long period. It needs to have your location history in order to do this.

Location History is enabled by default on all basic Google accounts (although it might not be enabled if you have an enterprise or education account). To check that it is on:

Log in to Google Account Page if you don’t have one. Tap Data & privacy at the top of the screen (on mobile), or click it in the left sidebar (on a computer).Scroll down to Things you’ve done and places you’ve been and make sure that Location History is turned on. Tap it to toggle it on.

Verify that Location History is set “On.”

Google; William Antonelli/Insider

If you wish to keep track of your history for a longer period of time, you might also want to modify your Auto-delete settings.

How to see your Google Maps timeline from the mobile app

1. Open Google Maps on Android or iPhone, and tap the profile picture in top-right corner.

2. Tap Your timeline.

This menu will allow you to find your timeline.

Google; William Antonelli/Insider

The screen will change and a large menu with many options will appear at the top. They will look slightly different depending on if you are using an iPhone, Android, or both.

Both devices will show:

Day: Here you can see all of the places you have visited in one day. It will also show how you got there (via train, car, etc.). It will also show you how you got there (by subway, car, etc.) and how long it took to get there.

A complete map of where you went on that particular day will be displayed.


Places: This displays the various restaurants, attractions and shops you’ve visited. These will be divided into different categories that you can tap to view a complete list. Cities: This list shows all the cities and towns you’ve visited and the dates you visited them. To see the places you visited in that city and how many times, tap the name of the city.

You will also see the number of places you have visited in this town or that city.


World: A listing of all the countries that you have traveled to. To see the cities you’ve visited, tap a country from the list.

If you’re on an Android, you can also see Trips & Insights. Trips will show you the vacations and other getaways you have taken, as the name suggests. Insights tracks how long you’ve spent walking or driving and how many times you’ve taken public transit. It also shows how far you have traveled and what activities you did.

You can see your statistics for any month.


How to view your Google Maps timeline from the website

You can also find the timeline on Google Maps. However, it looks a little different.

1. Open Google Maps from your computer. Click the three stacked lines located in the top left corner.

2. Select Your timeline.

The Google Maps menu that allows you to find your timeline.

Google; William Antonelli/Insider

You’ll be taken to the Timeline Page. Here, you can:

Click on one of the blue bars in the top-left corner of the screen to view all of your travels.

Double-clicking a red dot in the map will reveal the exact date you traveled to that spot.

Your timeline will look completely different on a computer than it does on your phone.


To reset the map after you click something, click Timeline at the top-left.

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