I asked my husband to clean out my fridge–and he ruined it

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At least he tried.

One woman on TikTok shared a hilarious video revealing that her husband had ruined the outside of her fridge in an attempt to clean it.

T, who goes by the username @takingcareofcleaning on the social media app, categorized the video as the fourth in a series she has titled, “Why are men like this.”

The viral video has already reached over 104,000 views and 9,000 likes.

In the beginning of the video, T shows off the front of her stainless steel fridge, which was now covered in scratches.

“My lovely husband who has been home for the holidays tried to help cleaning, and he took steel wool, yes, steel wool, to clean our fridge,” she said.

T continued, taking a step back to show off a full picture of the appliance, “Now we have this kind of abstract scratch marks. Yeah, I have no words people, I have no words.”

In the caption of the video, she also joked, “Steel wood does not mean clean stainless steel 👍🏻.”

After one woman on TikTok asked her husband to clean the fridge, she ended up with a worse-looking appliance. @takingcareofcleaning/Tiktok

For those who may not know, or for those whose husbands haven’t ruined their fridges with them yet, steel wool cleaners are those silver-colored, wire-like scrubs that you can find at the drugstore.

Although T laughed off her husband’s utter cleaning fail, some people in the comments were not as understanding.

“There’s no way he didn’t do that on purpose,” one user wrote in the comments section.

Another agreed, asking, “Would he do it to his car? No. He certainly knew better.”

After the user’s husband cleaned the fridge using steel wool, she was left with a scratched appliance. @takingcareofcleaning/Tiktok

The TikTok user joked that she had “no words” for her husband’s mistake. @takingcareofcleaning/Tiktok

“He knew better. Just never wants to clean the fridge again,” typed another.

One person even blamed T for his cleaning blunder.

“Don’t blame men blame his mom and wife for keeping him useless,” they wrote.

However, some viewers could relate to her and her family’s cleaning problems.

“To be fair…. my mother did the same thing. some people just don’t think about things,” commented a TikTok creator.

Someone else sympathized, “To be fair, I accidentally did this to part of my stove…I wasn’t thinking 😬.”

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