I’m an OnlyFans model who doesn’t date — but I have 7K online boyfriends

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She definitely has more than one fan.

OnlyFans model Nala Ray, 25, boasts over 7,000 digital boyfriends on the platform — as she refuses to date men in real life.

“I have two choices,” Ray told “I either have an extremely regular guy as my one boyfriend, who can’t handle the fact I get noticed in public or that I make a lot of money — or I date a guy online.”

“I choose the latter,” she emphasized.

The California native, who claims to earn $300,000 a month, declared she is done with “possessive” partners, instead focusing on her online men — whom she greets every morning with a special message.

OnlyFans model Nala Ray says she would rather have relationships with her 7,000 online boyfriends than one with a real man.Jam Press/@fitness_nala

She claims potential suitors sometimes get intimidated by her since she typically pulls in $300,000 on OnlyFans a month.Jam Press/@yassmin_photography

“Every single morning I send my boyfriends something cheerful, and then some of them will answer, and we talk a little bit,” the influencer revealed.

She described the conversations as similar to a “full-on relationship.”

Discussions cover what’s happening in their lives, how their days are going, and even how they slept.

She insists that her OnlyFans persona is the “real” her.

She mostly films her content when she’s at home and “in the moment.”

The model said she sends a message to her boyfriends every morning. Jam Press/@fitness_nala

Ray believes having a real relationship could negatively affect her OnlyFans dalliances.

“If I get a boyfriend [in real life] and start sharing my attention with them, it will take away from this, and it’s really important that I build these relationships with these guys,” she told

“They know I’m there for them if they need me, and that makes me really happy.”

Not only does Ray have a large audience on OnlyFans, she’s also attracted 584,000 followers on Instagram, posting under the username @fitness_nala.

Because of her large following, she said she often gets recognized in public, which can be difficult for some potential partners to handle.

“In their mind, it tells them that this person has seen their girlfriend naked, and they feel it’s unfair,” she mused.

Ray explained she talks to her boyfriends the way she would with any other man, by asking them about their day and how they’re doing. Jam Press/@fitness_nala

She boasts a large following on her Instagram page as well. Jam Press/@fitness_nala

She said she has dated other OnlyFans models in the past, but admits that just creates even more jealousy.

“I have dated men who do OnlyFans too, but they get jealous that I am better at it and make 10 times more money than they do,” she shared.

So, in the meantime, Ray will continue to tend to her 7,000 boyfriends — and maybe even gain a few more in the process.

“Men will tell me that I make their lives better, and that makes me feel really good,” she gushed.

Ray admits she wants to be able to focus her attention on her online men. Jam Press/@fitness_nala

“They know I’m there for them if they need me, and that makes me really happy,” she said. Jam Press/@fitness_nala

Ray isn’t the only OnlyFans model struggling with IRL relationships.

Stunner Fenella Fox recently claimed the platform had “ruined” her dating life, as most of her potential suitors are “impatient” to get to the bedroom.

But a study this year found that OnlyFans could actually be good for your sex life — owing to users having a better understanding of sexual health.

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