Britney Spears: Jamie Lynn Spears says “book is not about” Britney

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Jamie Lynn Spears set the record straight on what her upcoming book is about while slamming her sister Britney Spears’ latest comments as “absolutely not the truth.”

“Quite frankly, the things being said are absolutely not the truth, and I have to clarify that, because now it’s getting harder for me to rationalize to my oldest daughter why our family continues to get death threats, as a result of their aunt’s vague and accusatory posts, especially when we know she could tell the truth, and put an end to all of it in one second if she wanted to,”Jamie Lynn, 30 years old, posted a long statement on Instagram Friday.

She continued: “I hate to burst my sister’s bubble, but my book is not about her. I can’t help that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister. I’ve worked hard since before I was even a teenager, and I’ve built my career in spite of just being someone’s little sister.”

She ended her post with a wish to the “Oops!… I Did It Again”Singer, 40, I wish you all the best and ask for peace between them.

“There are no sides, and I don’t want drama, but I’m speaking my truth to heal my traumas, so I can close this chapter and move forward, and I wish my sister could do the same,”The “Zoey 101”An alum wrote. “No matter what comes, I will always love my big sister, and be here for her. It’s time to put an end to the unhealthy chaos that has controlled my life for so long.”

Jamie Lynn also wrote in her post that she didn’t want to “diminish”Britney’s story, including her battle for and eventual victory in her conservatorship case in November 2021. But, it is clear that it has become “exhausting when conversations, and texts [they] have in private don’t match what [Britney] post[s] on social media.”

The “Zoey 101”The alum claimed that she worked hard to build her own career. Instagram

Britney was furious at her little sister Jamie Lynn, who did a rare TV interview on their relationship. She claimed that she had gone to great lengths to free Britney from her conservatorship. Britney said that her family is her priority. “did nothing”to assist her.

Britney posted a scathing Instagram story Thursday night about Jamie Lynn, in which she wrote in part. “She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her!”

Page Six exclusively learned from a source that Britney feels like her sister is being treated unfairly. “one-sided.”

“Britney has been deeply hurt by her family, and this isn’t helping matters,” the source shared after Jamie Lynn’s “Good Morning America” “Nightline” interview, adding, “Sure, Jamie Lynn has a book to sell, but things don’t have to be so one-sided.”

Britney mocked Jamie Lynn’s Instagram account, calling her a “mocking” “mean ass”Within 24 hours, her younger sister had asked for forgiveness.

Jamie Lynn’s book, “Things I Should Have Said,”This Tuesday, the new Tuesday in stores

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