Jennie Nguyen ‘broke’ husband’s ribs in fight

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Andy Cohen and his camera were missing.  

Though Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” was full of drama, Jennie Nguyen’s admission that she once “broke” husband Duy Tran’s ribs in a non-televised fit of anger certainly stood out. 

“I have anger issues,”The newbie Bravo, 44, confessed in a confessional. “For a whole year, I went to anger management because I can’t control my temper. One night, I [kept] throwing s–t at my husband and I actually broke his ribs.”

Nguyen — who shares three kids with chiropractor Tran — went on to say that her violent outburst helped her realize she needed to “control [her] anger.”

The revelation was made while Mary Cosby was discussing their fractured friendship. 

Nguyen confronted Cosby (48) earlier this season for saying that she has “nice, slanted eyes”The comment was deemed acceptable. “racist”attack on her Vietnamese heritage

Cosby apologized on Sunday night’s episode for previously saying Nguyen didn’t “matter”to her, but she failed to acknowledge her offensive remark. 

Although it seemed impossible to repair their relationship, Nguyen stated that she was ready to work with Cosby in the latest. “RHOSLC” installment. 

“The first step in controlling my anger is to forgive and to let go,”She told the camera. “So, for Mary, I am going to do that and make sure that we get along when we are in the same room.”

The reality TV couple — who joined “RHOSLC” in Season 2 — share three children. Bravo

Incidentally, the scene aired just days after Nguyen’s racist Facebook posts from 2020, many of them mocking Black Lives Matter protesters, surfaced on social media. 

Several of Jennie’s co-stars — including Whitney Rose, Meredith Marks and Jen Shah — have publicly condemned her internet behavior. Rose, 35 years old, said that she was “shocked and saddened”Marks, 50 called the posts “vile.”

Meanwhile, Shah, 48 — whose husband and teenage sons are black — blasted Jennie for her “disingenuous apology”Asserted “We have some real s—t to talk about.” 

Jennie sent an Instagram apology on Jan. 19, claiming: “I thought I was speaking out against violence.” 

She insists that she has “since learned how offensive and hurtful [her] words were.”

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. ET. 

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