Kid Rock compares himself with Brad Pitt in a new music video

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Kid Rock did it all for his music video for his single. “Don’t Tell Me How to Live” featuring Monster Truck, and he surely isn’t holding back on the, er, imagery.

The video features a variety of scenes and lyrics, including the musician riding his penis-shaped rocket and the middle finger of a musician. There are also TV screens showing the news, and the 50-year old rapping in churches.

Rock also compares himself with actor Brad Pitt and other screen icons such as Bruce Springsteen, James Dean, and James Dean in this song.

“I’m like Reverend Run or David Lee Roth / Like Springsteen b – – ch, I’m the motherf – – king boss / James Dean, s – – t, I’m more like Brad Pitt,”He sings in the video.

The “All Summer Long” crooner also notes that he’s a “little less pretty”Pitt, 57 also added that he “slings more d – – k”Actors are more important than actors.

Naturally, Pitt did not respond to the lyrics.

“F – – k all you hoes,”Rock yells on this track. “Detroit till I die motherf – – ker!” 

Kid Rock claimed that he also “slings more d – – k”Getty Images

“A nation of pu – – ies is our next generation / and these minions and their agendas / every opinion has a millennial offended,”He rapped while pointing a gun at the US flag. “But this amendment one it rings true/ And if you don’t dissent, b – – ch, then see number two.”

Fans couldn’t help but troll the former spouse of Pamela Anderson on social media about the comparison.

“So now Kid Rock wants to compare himself to Brad Pitt. REALLY??? YOU BE THE JUDGE. 😂😂😂,” one user joked on Twitter, writing alongside a side-by-side shot of the two men’s midsections.

There are men that men should not compare themselves to, such as MLK, Michael Jordan and John Lennon, Einstein or JFK, Prince George, Gandhi, Brad Pitt, and Einstein. Resist the urge to.

— Phyllis Martin Tallent (@TallentPhyllis) November 23, 2021

“There are men other men should probably not compare themselves to: MLK, Michael Jordan, John Lennon, Einstein, JFK, Prince, Gandhi, and Brad Pitt. Just resist the urge,”Someone replied to the funny tweet.

“Kid Rock comparing himself to Brad Pitt? Yeah … no,”One more. “Kid Rock is trending because he compared himself to Brad Pitt, Bruce Springsteen and Willie Nelson. I mean, come on, Willie Nelson?”Another question.

One fan called in, “So Kid Rock compared himself to Brad Pitt? The difference is that Pitt can still get more ass than a toilet; Rock is an a – – hole whose so-called “music” (past and present) belongs in a toilet.”

“Hey Kid Rock, when everyone gets done dragging you for thinking you’re Brad Pitt, I’ve got something to say: You’re not Springsteen or James Dean, either,” one quipped.

“Kid rock doped himself up so much he thinks he’s comparable to brad pitt,”A fan wrote. “What red neck trailer park do we live in that Kid Rock compares himself to Brad Pitt?”Another question.

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