Laura Benanti reveals she had a miscarriage while performing onstage

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Laura Benanti suffered a miscarriage on Monday while performing onstage “for 2000 people” at The Broadway Cruise.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the Broadway performer revealed the news, “I knew it was happening. It started slowly the night before. If it had been our first loss, or even our second, I likely wouldn’t have been able to go on. But unfortunately, I am not a stranger to the pain and emptiness of losing a pregnancy.”

Benanti — who is headlining the entertainment on the ship and even performed with her oldest daughter, Ella — shared that she and her husband, Patrick Brown, have walked “hand in hand” while dealing with pregnancy loss in the past.

However, she also expressed gratitude for the “kindest, most loving humans” who helped her during her most recent miscarriage.

The “Younger” actress, 43, went on to thank a multitude of people including the audience, her band, crew, friends, fellow performers and producers for supporting her throughout the tragic experience.

The Broadway performer, who married Patrick Brown in 2015, has previously shared about her pregnancy losses.laurabenanti/Instagram

The singer thanked her husband for being with her “hand in hand” throughout the tragic losses. Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Benanti — who wed Brown in 2015 — also showed love for her “remarkable” mother and father-in-law, who helped in “shielding” her 6-year-old daughter, Ella, from “the reality of this experience and giving her the time of her life while ‘Mama’s back hurt.’”

While it is unclear how long Benanti had been pregnant, she also shared a touching message to the unborn child, saying, “Thank you to that little soul for choosing me as your home, even for a short time.”

The “No Hard Feelings” star — who also shares 8-month-old daughter Louisa with Brown — wrote that she is “so grateful” for her family and the “miracle” of their “two little girls.”

Highlighting that her youngest daughter was born via surrogate, Benanti added, “One carried by me and one carried by an angel-on-earth.”

The “Late Night with Stephen Colbert” alum ended her heartfelt message by emphasizing that she is sharing her loss not to “garner sympathy or attention,” but to remind those who “have and will suffer in this way that there is no shame in this kind of loss. That you are not alone. And to remind myself as well. 🤍”

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Benanti performed onstage on the day of her miscarriage with her oldest daughter, Ella.

Following her heartbreaking post, the singer’s friends showed their support in the comment section, including Broadway co-star Randy Rainbow, who wrote, “You are remarkable in every way. All my love to you and Patrick.”

Actress Brenda Strong also applauded Benanti for her strength and grace, commenting, “Most would have collapsed in the contrast of what was being demanded of you. But you used it as an opportunity to shine gratitude on others, and to receive support. This is grace.”

“An absolute light, you are ❤️ so much love to you and your beautiful family,” musician Eleri Ward wrote.

Brown and Benanti welcomed their second child, Louisa, via surrogate in July. laurabenanti/Instagram

Benanti first spoke out about her experience with pregnancy loss — and the difficulty of sharing that with others — in 2015, calling the topic of miscarriage the “Voldemort of women’s issues.”

“Why, if my neighbor sees me looking sad and asks me if I am okay, is it perfectly acceptable to tell her my aunt passed away, or I lost my job, or I had to put my dog down,” she wrote on social media.

“But if I tell her I experienced a miscarriage, I am somehow inappropriately oversharing? My purpose in writing this is simply to say, if you are part of this sisterhood, you are not alone.”

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