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According to The Washington Post’s reporting, Sen. Manchin’s $1.8 trillion spending proposal is no longer in place.
Manchin is against the idea of advancing the proposal after a breakdown with White House talks.
Despite the turmoil, the senator continues his support for many of the administration’s policy goals.

The $1.8 trillion social-spending blueprint that Senator Joe Manchin proposed to the Biden White House in late 2021 has seemingly been shelved after the lawmaker hit turbulence in negotiations with the administration, according to The Washington Post.

Last month, the West Virginia Democrat proposed a counteroffer to the larger Build Back Better social-spending proposal sought by President Joe Biden and Democratic leaders, with the moderate lawmaker’s plan including critical investments for climate initiatives, an expansion of the Affordable Care Act, and universal pre-K.

According to three people who know the situation and spoke with The Post, Manchin is now against moving that offer.

Manchin indicated Tuesday that he had not yet spoken to the White House regarding the social-spending bill.

Manchin said that he was not going to discuss Build Back Better, as he felt he had been very clear about it. “There is no negotiation taking place at the moment.”

In private, Senator McConnell stated that he doesn’t intend to support legislation that is modeled after the Build back Better Act and asked the party to change their approach to the bill.

Several senior Democrats expressed that Manchin would likely not back his earlier proposal even if the Biden White House sought to pass it in its original form — a result of the breakdown in talks last month — according to the newspaper.

According to a Politico report Manchin made a dramatic appearance on Fox News Sunday just days before Christmas. He said that he opposed Biden’s signature domestic legislation, and “refused to receive a call” from the White House staff before the interview. Despite their efforts to stop him,

Manchin sent an assistant to the White House and Congress to inform them of his intent to oppose the bill.

Jen Psaki, White House press Secretary, called out the senator after the appearance in a statement.

“If his comments on FOX or written statement indicate an end of that effort, they are a sudden and unexplainable reversal of his position and a breach his commitments to President Obama and Senator’s colleagues in Congress. We will continue to press Senator Manchin to see if he will change his position on Build back Better this morning. He has already reversed his position,” she stated at the time.

The White House has maintained their confidence in Manchin’s victory and produced an economic package that could be passed in Congress.

The senator’s $1.8 billion counteroffer included key elements of the party’s longstanding policies. Manchin has stated that he supports many of the climate goals of the Biden administration, including tax credits for clean energy, in recent days.

New York’s Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer has changed the floor schedule to put more emphasis on the passage of stalled voting-rights legislation like the Freedom Act and John Lewis Voting Advancement Act.

This move raises questions about the future of the larger social spending bill.

According to The Post, Manchin has been in contact with a variety of people over the past weeks to try to influence him on the spending bill. These include former Trump economic advisor Larry Kudlow and Steve Ricchetti of White House, as well as Republican Sen. Mitt Romney from Utah.

White House allies — including some officials in the actual building — are trying to figure out how Biden will approach his dealings with Manchin, especially given the possibility that the party will lose one or more chambers of the Congress this fall.

The Post was told by Ben Ritz, a DC-based budget expert at Progressive Policy Institute that a $1.8 trillion package, similar to what Manchin presented last month, would be one the most transformative and progressive pieces of legislation in recent history.

He said, “The White House should absolutely accept it if possible.”

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