Mitch McConnell Declares He’s Proud of His Vote For Infrastructure Bill

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Mitch McConnell was one of 19 Republican senators that voted for the $1.2 billion infrastructure bill.
Former President Donald Trump has criticized the Kentucky senator for backing the bipartisan bill.
McConnell reiterated his support for Biden’s infrastructure bill, stating that he is “proud” of his vote.

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Despite criticisms from Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is increasing his support for the infrastructure bill. 

McConnell spoke to The Washington Post November 16 and reiterated his support for the bipartisan infrastructure bill worth $1.2 trillion. He said he was proud of his vote. 

McConnell said, “I observed each of the previous administrations struggle with how to meet the nation’s infrastructure needs.” “I joined 18 Senate Republicans in feeling that now is the right time to address it.” 

McConnell stated that the infrastructure bill was “extremely positive” for Kentucky from a “Kentucky perspective.” McConnell also echoed his last week statement, in which he called the bill a “godsend” for Kentucky.

“I’m proud to have voted, and members are free to vote how they want. McConnell stated that 19 Senate Republicans believed it was the right thing for the country. 

13 House Republicans voted along with Democrats on November 5 to pass the bill. With support from 19 Republicans including McConnell, the bill was passed by the Senate in August. 

Trump is not pleased with the GOP’s support of his infrastructure bill. In a statement, Trump called McConnell and other Republicans who backed it “RINOs” calling them “ashamed” for voting for “Democratic longevity.”

Trump continued to slam McConnell over the last week, calling him an “old Crow”. McConnell was accused of “jeopardizing the chances” of Republican senators 18 winning re-election. Trump mocked McConnell even more in a November 13 speech in which he suggested McConnell should go to the signing of the infrastructure bill and “put up the scorn from Great Republican Patriots” that are already blaming him.

McConnell has not responded publicly to Trump’s criticisms of his vote for the infrastructure bill. 

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