My cheapskate ex charged me for a banana — that I ate at his mom’s house

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Her ex is bananas.

One woman on TikTok claimed that her boyfriend charged her money for simply eating a piece of toast and a banana for breakfast — while they were visiting his mom’s house.

In a series she calls “Men r weird with $$$,” TikTok user and former hedge fund employee @Maddyblythe shared more about what happened when she and her ex-boyfriend made the trek to visit his family.

The viral video has climbed to reach over 870,000 views and topped 92,000 likes.

In the beginning of the clip, Blythe explained that she had been dating the man for three years and had only met his family once, as they lived far away. So when they decided to go visit his mom, she brought her a little gift basket to be a polite guest.

Although the pair mostly “did their own thing,” they did spend some time with his family for meals.

A woman on TikTok admitted that she and her ex-boyfriend had a monthly Excel spreadsheet of all their shared payments. TikTok / @maddyblythe

“We did eat with his mom for dinner one night and for breakfast one morning,” she explained. “Me and my boyfriend ended up paying for that dinner because it was a little bit expensive, and we wanted to treat his mom.”

After they got home from the trip, the TikTok creator explained that she later got an email from her then-boyfriend with a link to an Excel spreadsheet that showed all of their shared expenses from the trip. Blythe said that this wasn’t out of the ordinary, as they usually did this when they traveled — but what came next was extremely unappeeling.

“I did notice that there was one line in the Excel document that I was kind of confused about, and the line just said, ‘breakfast,’ for $3.23,” Blythe explained. “So I asked him, like, ‘Hey, what’s this $3.23 for breakfast?’”

Blythe continued: “He looks at me, deadpan, and goes, ‘Oh, well, that’s for the banana and piece of toast that you ate at my mom’s.’”

The Post has reached out to Blythe for comment.

She claimed that her ex-boyfriend charged her $3.23 for eating a banana and a piece of toast — at his mom’s house. TikTok / @maddyblythe

TikTok user Maddy Blythe admitted that she would not “stand” for something like this in a relationship nowadays. TikTok / @maddyblythe

She said that the ex-boyfriend insisted she owed him and his mom the money — and she coughed up the cash in the end. However, in the comments section, viewers couldn’t believe what they were hearing, and some even disagreed with her decision to pay up.

“That man did not like you let someone love you!” one commenter wrote. “A man who loves you would never dare do that!”

“That is beyond unromantic,” another agreed, adding, “That is unkind.”

“You paid it?!?!?” one TikTok user asked in disbelief. “I also agree with the comment about thinking it’s normal to accept an excel spreadsheet of expenses 😳 so glad you’re away from him!”

The couple dated for three years, she said in her viral video. TikTok / @maddyblythe

But it looks like Blythe may not be alone in this — some users related to having a cheapskate for a partner.

“My ex wouldn’t pay for anything,” one person shared. “Not even a $1 chicken sandwich or any necessities. I went into debt because I was paying for everything.”

Another wrote, “This makes me feel better about my ex (who was already an ex) at the time asked me to pay her back for an $11 date.”

In a follow-up video, which has topped 3.2 million views, Blythe explained that she wouldn’t “stand for” a shared Excel spreadsheet these days.

She also shared with her audience an example of what one looked like — complete with color coding, of course.

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