New Amy Winehouse Biopic ‘Back To Black’ Getting Roasted After Early Set Photos Leak: “No No No”

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They tried to make an Amy Winehouse biopic, but fans said, “no, no, no.”

Ever since news of Back To Black, the upcoming biopic based on the “Rehab” singer’s life, has come to light, fans have fiercely and vocally rejected it.

Many have cited fear of Winehouse’s iconic image being cheapened by low budgets, Hollywood pressure, and an unfaithful story – and unfortunately, they may be right.

A first look at Marisa Abela, best known for starring in the HBO drama Industry, as Winehouse has leaked, leading fans to equate her likeness to Cher Lloyd and Anna Faris, rather than the English singer.

While filming for the upcoming biopic, titled Black to Black, Abela was spotted donning the singer’s quintessential look: a beehive hairdo, large gold hoops, dramatic winged eyeliner, and a black skirt. The actor was caught walking arm in arm with her co-star, Eddie Marsan, who will portray Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse.

Twitter had a lot to say about Abela’s look, with one writing, “Why does the actress playing Amy Winehouse look like Anna Farris filming a scene for Scary Movie 32.”

We’re gonna talk about it this week on #VibeCheckPod because I’m fed up. Between all the Whitney Houston projects and now this ashy-looking Amy Winehouse biopic, something is going ON. And I have thoughts.

— Saeed Jones (@theferocity) January 17, 2023

Journalist Kayleigh Donaldson tweeted, “Can’t wait to see a whitewashed Amy Winehouse biopic where her dad is a glowing angel and Amy’s many troubles become Walk Hard-esque parody.”

A third defended Abela, stating that she “doesn’t deserve this” and another expressed that they didn’t even realize the image derived from a Winehouse biopic. The latter comment rang loud, given that Winehouse was known for her unmistakable look during her life and career.

This bad press is riding on the coattails of the backlash that followed Naomi Ackie’s portrayal of Whitney Houston in Kasi Lemmons’ I Wanna Dance With Somebody biopic. The musical movie currently has a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes after debuting in December 2022 and was a box office flop, earning $49.3 million out of its $45 million budget.

Back to Black has yet to release its anticipated release date; however, the movie is directed by Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Sam Taylor-Johnson with a screenplay by Matt Greenhalgh, who previously collaborated with Taylor-Johnson for the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy in 2009. The movie began filming Monday, Jan. 16 with scenes being shot at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho, London, per MetroUK.

With public reception this bad (once again), maybe it’s time for movies to leave the impersonating to Saturday Night Live.

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