Proud Boys Getting Started Manual Details ‘No Wanks’ Masturbation Policy

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A Proud Boys “initiation ceremony manual” details the far-right group’s policy on masturbation. “A proud boy cannot ejaculate alone more than once every 30 days,” the manual states. Prosecutors are seeking to introduce the manual as evidence in a January 6 sedition trial. Something is loading.

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A handbook for new recruits to far-right organization Proud Boys details the extremist group’s particular stance on masturbation: while its all-male members are encouraged to drink alcohol and engage in street violence against anti-fascists – apparently in self-defense – they are told to follow a strict “No Wanks” policy.

Federal prosecutors are seeking to introduce the document as evidence in the ongoing seditious conspiracy trial involving five Proud Boys, including former leader Enrique Tarrio, who is accused of participating in the Jan. 6 insurrection. They all pleaded not guilty. The manual was seized by federal authorities two years ago and recently made public, according to new court documents released in the US District Court trial in Washington, DC.

“A proud boy cannot ejaculate on his own more than once every thirty days,” the group’s “initiation ceremony manual” reads, the document states.

“This means he must abstain from pornography during this time and if he needs to ejaculate it must be within one meter of a woman with her consent. The woman cannot be a prostitute .”

An excerpt from a Proud Boys defense motion filed January 23, 2023 in the United States District Court in Washington, DC. Initiated

The Anti-Defamation League considers the Proud Boys a violent far-right group whose members typically engage in misogynistic, Islamophobic, transphobic, and anti-immigration rhetoric.

The masturbation ban was enforced by Gavin McInnes, who founded the group in 2016 as a street gang to champion “Western chauvinism”. As detailed by journalist Andy Campbell in his book, “We Are Proud Boys”, members of the group must join the policy if they wish to advance to the second of its four levels of membership.

McInnes cut ties with the group in 2018 after several members were arrested for assaulting anti-fascists outside a talk he gave in Manhattan honoring a far-right Japanese assassin.

Acknowledging the playbook and its policies are odd at best, a defense attorney for Dominic Pezzola — one of the Proud Boys charged with sedition for trying to overturn the 2020 election — is trying to stop prosecutors from mentioning it At the trial. Indeed, the defense attorney pointed to the policy on masturbation, among other things, suggesting it could sway jurors.

“The document is riddled with politically incorrect remarks and assertions that would cause most or many Americans to recoil in anger, hatred and disgust,” said the defense motion filed in federal court Monday.

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