Remove sex education from schools

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Charles Herbster said he would put sex education “back in the homes where it belongs”. The Nebraska gubernatorial candidate also said he would “quit CRT” in the state. Herbster has been accused of sexual assault by eight women, two of whom have come forward publicly. Something is loading.

Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster said sex education should be taken out of schools and “put back into homes” at a Trump campaign rally in Greenwood, Nebraska, on Sunday.

The Trump-backed Republican said he would ‘quit the CRT’ and ‘cut taxes’ before getting into sex ed.

“We’re going to take sex ed out of the schools and put it back in the homes where it belongs,” Herbster told the Trump crowd Sunday night.

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An April 14 report from the Nebraska Examiner cited eight women who accused Herbster of sexual misconduct between 2017 and 2022. Many of them had been groped at a 2019 Republican fundraiser in Douglas County, Na. Nebraska. Three people spoke up to corroborate the claims.

Elizabeth Todsen, an employee of State Senator Dave Murman, who was present at the dinner, came forward Saturday as Herbster’s second public accuser.

Todsen told the Examiner that after Herbster groped her while waving to her table, “everything was a blur after that happened because that was all I could think of.”

“This decision to tell my story was extremely difficult due to my fear of repercussions from Charles W. Herbster, a powerful voice in Nebraska politics,” Todsen told Insider in a statement provided on behalf of his attorney. “But after thinking about it for years now, I know it’s time Nebraskanians were made aware of the horrific actions committed by Charles W. Herbster.”

Previously, State Senator Julie Slama was the only person not named anonymously in the Examiner’s story. Herbster has since filed a lawsuit against her.

In a press release sent to Insider, Herbster – CEO and President of Carico Farms and Herbster Angus Farms – denied all allegations.

“Charles W. Herbster has already filed a lawsuit against one of the individuals named in the reports and will file a lawsuit against others,” the statement said. “He won’t stop fighting until his name is cleared and he’s vindicated.”

Trump also defended Herbster during the rally, saying the charges were “malicious accusations to derail him.”

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