Samsung Galaxy S21FE Release Date, Price and Pre-Order Details

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CES 2022 saw Samsung unveil a lower-priced version of its Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21 FE.

The Galaxy S21 FE will be released on January 11, and will be available for purchase at Samsung, your carrier and select retailers. It’s $100 cheaper than the flagship Galaxy S21 Series, starting at $699.

The Galaxy S21 FE’s launch in January is awkward. However, we expect Samsung to announce its next generation of phones, unannounced Galaxy S22 soon. The Galaxy S21 FE will likely be available through 2022, while the flagship Galaxy S21 phones won’t be available until the Galaxy S22 phones are revealed.  


The launch of the Galaxy S21 FE at the same time as the S21 series shouldn’t have any impact on this phone’s quality. It has the same Snapdragon 888 processor that powers the flagship Galaxy S21 Series. Every app and game will look great on Samsung’s excellent displays. The camera specs indicate that there should not be any compromises in photo quality.  

Before we can make any judgements, we will have to test the Galaxy S21 FE. The FE phone this year will be impressive if Samsung used the same recipe as the 2020 Galaxy S20 FE. We’re not sure if Samsung should have made the Galaxy S21 FE phone more expensive than the $799 launch price. However, it’s $100 less than the Galaxy S21.

Galaxy S21 FE specificationsSamsung Galaxy S21 FE price and release date

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is available for $699 starting January 11. This is $100 less than the Galaxy S21’s launch price of $799 in March 2020. This is not as good as the $699 Galaxy S20FE back in 2020, which was $300 less than the $999 flagship Galaxy S20 launch price.

Samsung will likely discontinue its flagship Galaxy S21 smartphone when it launches the Galaxy S22 later this year. We expect an announcement as soon as possible. The Galaxy S21 FE will be the premium Samsung phone that you can buy in 2022, and it will likely be cheaper. Samsung should release a new phone, but instead of releasing a new flagship Galaxy S21, with a $100 price reduction, it seems. 


Regardless of whether or not you buy a Galaxy S21 right away or wait for it to become FE, or even the Galaxy S22 later, Samsung and the carriers often have trade-in opportunities for your old phone which can significantly lower the price of a new one. 

Samsung will give you $250 credit to purchase the Galaxy S20, which will bring the price down to $550. When a new phone is released, the company often offers big trade-in deals like the S21 FE.

What is “FE”?

The “FE” is for “fan edition.” Samsung’s FE phones launched in 2020 with its Galaxy S20 FE. It was the first Android phone to offer the best value and balance in features and performance.


Why we loved the Galaxy S20 FE last year

You can read our Galaxy S20 FE Review here. In summary, we love the fact that the FE phones use the same processors and hardware as the flagships. Other important features such as screen quality, build quality and battery life were also great. The S20 FE also featured a triple-camera system, which offered almost the same versatility as the original S20.

It was $699 and a great value when compared to the flagship Galaxy S20, which started at $999.

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