Our sex life was spiced up by sleeping in separate bedsExperts weigh in

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This couple improved their boom-boom by sharing a bedroom.

Terri-Ann Michelle is a married mother to three children. She unwittingly caused a social media scandal by revealing that her husband Jamie was her father. “improved”Their sex lives are characterized by their choice of beds and rooms in which they sleep.

“Our [love-making] is actually better because we’re both getting better sleep, and it puts us in better moods,”Michelle, 32, spoke to The Post.

“And we’ve made it more exciting by coming up with fun ways to be intimate. Afterward, we’re like, ‘OK, it’s time for bed,’ and sleep in our separate rooms,”She also mentioned that they share their master suite on weekends.

Michelle, a hairdresser who is also a stay-at-home mom, told her more than 20,000 TikTok users about her bizarre boudoir arrangements Tuesday. 

Michelle was shocked to learn that many of her TikTok users shared separate rooms with their spouses. Credit: terriannmichelle/TikTok

“I know a lot of people will disagree with this, but I don’t care,” she penned in the closed captions of her trending clip — which has racked up over 143,000 views. “My husband and I don’t sleep in the same bed (during the week) and it made our intimate relationship BETTER!”

And experts agree that a bedroom breakup can profoundly enhance a pair’s romance.

“Choosing to sleep in separate beds, and even separate rooms, in order to increase the quality and frequency of great sleep is a wonderful way to enhance your sex life, because it also puts a big emphasis on your own physical health,” “Married at First Sight”Viviana Coles, a sex and relationship expert, explained the details to The Post. “And anything that you can do to increase and improve your physical health enhances your sexual health.”

“Married at First Sight” expert Viviana Coles says sleeping separately can enhance a couple’s romance. Dr. Viviana

Coles, the author of “The 4 Intimacy Styles,”He continued to promote the non-traditional sleeping trend for its lusty bonding benefits.

“Looking forward to spending some quality and intentionally focused time with your partner can get people‘s anticipatory reactions going, and that tends to ignite a person’s physical and psychological arousal,”She spoke to The Post. “And it does broaden a couple’s ability to roleplay and have novel [sexual] experiences, which in a long-term committed monogamous relationship, can be hard to come by.”

The unusual mattress mix-up was also approved by TikTok commentators. 

Terri-Ann Michelle went viral after she shared the story about her and her husband. “improved”They can maintain their intimacy by sharing their bedrooms. Credit: terriannmichelle/Instagr

“My husband and I have separate rooms it was the best decision ever,”One backer of the trend for separate bedrooms said so. “OMG US TOO! I’ve almost felt embarrassed for people to know, people judge. think it’s weird. New business & new baby! we had to do something! Sleep!,”Chimed with another. 

However, there were a few harsh-talking haters who attacked the unorthodox bunking fad. They made snide remarks such as: “I can’t sleep without my husband. He can’t sleep well without me. I’ll keep it that way. It doesn’t make much sense to not sleep together,” and, “Nope I married my husband for better or worse. I can’t imagine not having him in our bed. I would miss him.”

But Michelle and Jamie — a business owner who wakes up before dawn each day — first began sleeping separately five years ago after they welcomed their oldest son, and have since lived happily ever after.

“I am a super light sleeper,”She spoke. “And I became more resentful of my husband, who’d be snoring loudly in his peaceful sleep, while I was jumping out of bed to take care of the crying baby all night long.”

“And on top of being disturbed by his snoring or the baby’s crying, his alarm clock would go off at 4 a.m., and I just wanted to smother him with my pillow,”She laughed. 

But when Jamie officially moved out of their master bedroom and into the nanny-suite of their home, Michelle’s bitterness flew right out of the window. 

“Since we’ve begun sleeping separately, I’ve realized that I don’t resent him anymore. In fact, I’m very thankful for everything he does, and how well we’ve learned to communicate with one another because of our arrangement,”She spoke. “It’s connected us more as a couple because we’ve built a working system that makes both of us happy.”

Relationship experts agree that a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship is the foundation of a healthy marriage. 

“There’s nothing more or less intimate about sharing a bedroom,”Cyndi Darnell is a New York City counselor for couples. 

“A strong relationship is created by willing individuals who put in the effort to create a sustainable relationship,”She added. “It doesn’t matter if you eat dinner at the same time or sleep in the same bed or even live in the same house. A [healthy] relationship is much more robust than any of your daily life machinations.”

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