So Snoop Dogg just claimed to be a prominent NFT booster

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Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, tweeted on Monday that he’s the one behind a Twitter account that discusses NFTs. Yes, this really is a thing that’s happened. While Snoop Dogg has released NFTs before, that’s not really anything new for celebrities — running a Twitter account that constantly tweets about crypto, and owning around a hundred of the crypto tokens, however, would be another level. Is this real? It’s a joke. It’s unclear, but it sure is interesting.

@CozomoMedici (seemingly named after a prominent Renaissance-era Italian banker) is a Twitter account that’s amassed quite a few followers in the month or two it’s been active and talking about crypto. Part of what’s made the account splashy is that it’s seemingly spent millions on NFTs. For at least a few days, the person behind the Medici account was talking about releasing personal details. He even ran a poll asking people to guess their true identity. Snoop Dogg, however, was not among the choices, although AOC (the lead singer of Muse) were. It culminated today with the person behind the account announcing that they were going to tweet their identity from their personal account, saying that it would be discovered because they’re considerably famous. Five minutes later, Snoop Dogg tweeted “I am @CozomoMedici.”

Shortly, as promised, I will dox from my personal account.

Because of my fame, it is certain that the tweet will be found. Anyone who is curious about my identity will soon be able to find it.

— Cozomo de’ Medici (@CozomoMedici) September 20, 2021

It’s tempting to use Medici’s involvement with Jason Derulo, singer of “Whatcha Say” and “Wiggle (feat. Snoop Dogg),” as evidence of his prominence in the space. The R&B artist thanked Medici for helping him purchase a CryptoPunk earlier this month, but today’s (possible) reveal raises the question: did Derulo look to Medici because they were prominent in the NFT space, or did he know it was actually one of his peers?

It’s a wonderful NFT when you see it.

Image: Warner Records

While the Medici account is relatively new, only being created last month, it’s still managed to gain some notoriety, having been mentioned in a story by crypto outlet The Block. The Medici OpenSea account has about 100 NFTs (some of them bought for millions of Ethereum dollars).

I know the question you’re asking… no, screaming… no, freestyle rapping at your monitor: has Cozomo de Medici bought any Snoop Dogg-themed NFTs? I did my best to look at their OpenSea account and found some funny things.

Snoop first tweeted that Medici had bought two NFTs based on marijuana from NyanDogg, just minutes later. Since the revelation, the account has been sent a series of blunt and Snoop-themed NTs.

One of the NyanDogg NFTs that Medici purchased.

Hey, wait, isn’t that Snoop’s Twitter avatar?

George, it is!

There is, of course, the possibility that this is a troll on Snoop Dogg’s part, or that Medici and Snoop coordinated this and the real Medici’s identity is still unknown. The Medici Twitter account has liked a ton of tweets relating to Snoop Dogg’s, but to be honest, if Snoop claimed to be me, I’d like tweets about it too, despite the fact that I’m not actually Snoop Dogg (as far as you know).

It’s hard to tell what the fallout from all this will be. Will Snoop Dogg be considered a leader in NFT technology? Will more celebrities come out as having run crypto accounts (perhaps Snoop’s friend Martha Stewart is Pranksy)? Or is this all a prank?

At the moment, the answer to all of those questions is unclear, but there is one concrete consequence of Snoop’s tweet: his mentions are now filled with people pitching him NFT projects. Never thought I’d have that in common with him.

Final note: while, again, I cannot stress enough that there’s no hard evidence linking Snoop and the Medici account, there’s one more critical clue to point out: Medici often signs off tweets with a wine emoji. Do you know who owns his own brand wine? Snoop Dogg. Case closed everyone, we’ve totally nailed it down.

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