‘The Bachelor’ Season 27, Episode 3 RecapWho Went Home? Who Got A One-On-One Date?

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Season 27 of The Bachelor has been sort of a snooze so far, but things picked up a bit in Episode 3 with two romantic one-on-one dates, a very large group date, a pool party, a rose ceremony, and a major self-elimination.

After once again turning to former Bachelor lead Sean Lowe for advice, Zach Shallcross ensured he had some quality time with each of his 17 remaining women scheduled. In true Shallcross fashion, he did things a little differently this episode by kicking off Week 3 with an exclusive Night Date, which may or may not have turned into an early fantasy suite date. (Yes, really! This dude isn’t here to play!)

Looking for a recap of The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 3? Wondering who snagged the two one-on-one dates? How the group date went? And who went home? We’ve got you covered. But be warned, spoilers for The Bachelor are ahead.

Date 1 Recap: Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar’s One-On-One

The first date card — which read, “Kaity, I want a love for the ages” — went to Kaitlyn (aka Kaity) Biggar, a 27-year-old ER nurse from Austin, Texas. Since Biggar received a rare night date, she opted to wear a long emerald green gown. Zach arrived in a suit and assured her the date would be “a little formal, but the destination remained a mystery as the two sipped champagne in a limo. Finally, they arrived at — wait for it — the Natural History Museum.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: A boring date for a boring Bachelor. But exploring the abandoned museum by lantern actually looked fun as hell. And after taking in the exhibits, Shallcross and Biggar shared a romantic dinner beneath a massive dinosaur skeleton. They opened up about past relationships and hopes for the future, and Biggar revealed that she was in a 7-year “on-and-off, toxic, tumultuous” relationship that took a toll on her and made her question her self worth. She broke down crying and admitted, “I just want a good man in my life,” and Shallcross comforted her and told her she deserves “way more than just the basics.” The two shared some smooches, bonded over their search for a life partner who’s also a best friend, and Shallcross offered Biggar the date rose.

Photo: ABC

Once she accepted, Shallcross went off book again, saying, “I don’t really want this night to end yet, so I have a question for you. Would you like to spend the night here with me?” Biggar accepted his invite — which sounded a lot like an early Fantasy Suite date — and Shallcross brought her to a campsite in the middle of the museum. There, under two life-size elephant models, was a tent, two beds, a couch, a fake campfire, and even two sets of matching on-theme PJs were waiting for them! 

Once Shallcross and Biggar slipped into their silky jungle jammies, they continued their Night At The Museum date by roaming the halls and eventually settling into their separate beds. Biggar suggested they push the two beds together, and though we don’t know what happened next, we do know — per Biggar — that she got no sleep that night.

When the girls back at the mansion woke up the following morning, they thought it was odd that Biggar’s suitcase was still downstairs but she was nowhere to be found at 7 a.m. Finally, Biggar strolled into the mansion wearing her PJs and carrying her rose. She caught everyone up on her exciting night, and if you assumed the rest of the girls would start spiraling over the intimate date? You’re right. Shallcross’ first one-on-one was a meet the family and his second was an overnight? How much more can these girls take?

Did Kaity Biggar Get A Rose? You bet.

Date 2 Recap: A Very Large Group Date

Shallcross invited Ariel, Mercedes, Kylee, Anastasia, Christina, Bailey, Genevie, Brooklyn, Brianna, Jess, Katherine, Davia, Gabi, Charity, and Greer on an especially large group date with a date card that read, “There are no rules in the game of love.”

A bus took the women to a football field, where Shallcross revealed he enlisted the help of LA Chargers legends Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates to coach a game of full-tackle football known as — yep, you guessed it — Bachelor Bowl V. The ladies were split into two teams, and the group who won would get to accompany Zach to an afterparty, while the losing team would hop on the bus back to the mansion.

After the contestants got into their their gear, Jesse Palmer and Hannah Storm took their seats to announce what they called “the most anticipated sporting event of the year.” The Yellow Team (aka the Shell Crushers) and the Blue Team (the Ball Zachs) took to the field, and the EMT arrived right after kickoff to tend to an injured Anastasia. Don’t worry. She wasn’t badly hurt, she just wanted some quality time with Zach on the sidelines. And honestly? You have to respect it.

Blood, sweat, a pair of pee-soaked pants, and a broken nail later, the Blue Team emerged victorious. They popped champagne, said goodbye to the Yellow Team, and headed to the afterparty for drinks, conversation with Zach, and some unexpected drama.

Photo: ABC

We got a glimpse at emerging Christina chaos in Episode 2, and the tension between her and the ladies on the group date reached its breaking point in Episode 3. Last week, we watched the 26-year-old content creator from Nashville, TN, get Season 27’s first one-on-one date and accompany Shallcross to meet his family. Since Christina spent that intimate day with him she hasn’t really shut up about it, and her repetitive one-one-one date references started to wear the other girls down.

“We know,” Brooklyn said when Christina brought up her date AGAIN. “I feel like it’s almost malicious,” she said of the oversharing. The relentless one-on-one talk also got in Bailey’s head and made her question her connection with Shallcross. She decided to open up to him about her concerns in hopes that he’d offer some much-needed validation, but instead he told her he wasn’t confident they had a future together and sent her home. The majority of the girls on the date were crushed to say goodbye to Bailey, but Christina was there to rub people the wrong way yet again by saying, “Although it’s sad and she was our roommate, that’s inevitable.” Cold as ice.

Who Got The Rose? At the end of the date, Shallcross offered Charity the rose and she accepted. But Christina couldn’t let her have her moment. “I’m just confused. I’m mad that it wasn’t me,” Christina said. No BS Brooklyn once again put Christina in her place, saying, “Every situation you turn it around on you…Have you ever considered literally just shutting the fuck up?” Charity left the room crying, but you KNOW that wasn’t the end of the drama in Episode 3.

Date 3 Recap: Zach Shallcross and Aly Jacobs One-On-One

Episode 3’s second one-on-one date went to Aly Jacobs, a 26-year-old healthcare strategist from Atlanta, Georgia. She received a date card that read, “Are you ready to fall in love?” and a box that contained a white lace bridal jumpsuit. Hmmm…

A limo drove her to Shallcross, who was wearing a tux and standing on a tarmac. The two got fitted with parachutes and hopped into, then out of, a terrifyingly small plane plane! After the rush, the two unwound in a hot tub at a winery and enjoyed a romantic dinner, some deep conversation, and a surprise performance by singer Griffen Palmer. They danced, kissed, and enjoyed a mini concert. And though Aly didn’t spend the entire night with Shallcross, she did leave the date with a rose.

Did Aly Jacobs Get A Rose? You bet.

Photo: ABC

The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 3 Cocktail Party Recap (AKA Pool Party Recap):

After three successful dates, Shallcross — the Bachelor who plays by his own rules — decided to cancel the traditional cocktail party and host a pool party at the mansion ahead of Week 3’s rose ceremony. He “soft launched the chest hair” (ugh!) and spent the day balancing fun in the sun and crucial conversations. Not everyone was enjoying the festivities, though.

We saw Brianna (aka America’s first impression rose winner) having some trouble adjusting to the show in Episode 2, and in Episode 3 she pulled Shallcross aside and told him she planned to leave. Before she said goodbye, she went into greater detail about her difficulties in the house, finally name-dropping Christina as a source of stress for herself and numerous girls in the house. Brianna revealed that Christina made her cry several times and also made Charity cry after she got her group date rose. “We should be able to be in a safe environment where there’s no intimidation,” Brianna said. “I do just have to leave for my own peace of mind.”

Brianna bounced, leaving Shallcross utterly perplexed. “She was in my house, she met my family, she met my dogs…so I need to figure this out,” he told cameras, referring to Christina. He called Christina out of the group to chat and she broke down crying while trying to defend herself. “This would be a mistake. It would be a mistake to believe this,” she said. Zach let her know he was “100% worried,” then left to hear Brooklyn and Charity out before canceling the rest of the pool party. YIKES.

Rose Ceremony Recap: Who Went Home on The Bachelor Episode 3?

When Shallcross walked into the rose ceremony, he told the women he was “struggling” and “feeling sick to his stomach” over the confusion and difficult decisions he had to make.

After handing out roses in Episode 3’s rose ceremony, Shallcross only sent one contestant home: Christina. But as a reminder, Christina, Bailey, and Brianna all went home during The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 3.

Previews for the season to come show Shallcross and the ladies relocating to the Bahamas for some tropical dates, so here’s hoping the new setting can signal a fresh start for the group after their rocky week.

New episodes of The Bachelor Season 27 premiere on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Episodes are available for next-day streaming on Hulu.

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