The Best Baby Yoda and ‘Mandalorian’ Merch For Fans

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Photos: disney+ ; Illustration: Dillen Phelps

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Everyone’s favorite baby is almost back. That’s right, The Mandalorian Season 3 is premiering on March 1, and with it comes the return of the internet’s favorite child: Grogu. Now that Baby Yoda is safely back in the care of Din Djarin, a.k.a. The Mandalorian, there’s no limit to the adventures they might go on as the new season progresses and they head to Mandalore and beyond.

No matter what the Star Wars fanatic in your life wants, you’ll surely be able to find something to please them. Grogu himself has already appeared on countless toys, plushies and dolls, and that’s in addition to several other great products, including LEGO sets. Before The Mandalorian sets off on another adventure through the galaxy, check out some of the best merch featuring Grogu and Mando himself.


Take care of your very own Grogu with this new Tamagotchi toy that lets you feed and play with the child. Unique visitors come every hour, and you can engage in three different minigames on the small device.

Buy the Grogu Tamagotchi on Amazon


This 23.7-inch x 30.38-inch wall decal makes Grogu larger than life in any room. This set of 14 decals includes one giant Baby Yoda and some other assorted Mandalorian-themed designs. The best part? These decals are all removable, repositionable, and reusable, so using them won’t damage your walls.

Buy on Walmart


Stoney Clover Lane’s spacious, fan-favorite fanny pack gets an adorable upgrade! The plush green bag is embroidered with Grogu’s cute little face and can be worn across the body around the waist for adventures in this galaxy and beyond. According to SCL, you can fit a phone, keys, lip balm, a cardholder and a pair of sunglasses inside.

Buy on Stoney Clover Lane


At approximately 23 inches long, this Baby Yoda plush toy is perfect for napping, cuddling, and relaxing with. It’s made of a soft velour fabric and has a springy foam filling similar to that of a Squishmallow.

Buy on ShopDisney


With colors like “Right Hand Mando,” “Little Frog,” and “Baby Face,” ColourPop’s The Child eyeshadow palette includes nine shades inspired by Baby Yoda himself. It features olive, sage, and neutral tones in three different finishes ranging from matte to ultra-metallic. ColourPop’s full The Mandalorian collection includes a handheld mirror, a makeup bag, and a set of two lip oils.

Buy on ColourPop


To protect your precious cargo, consider this Milk Snob privacy cover printed with stars, constellations, and of course, Baby Yoda. Milk Snob covers have five uses, all with protecting mom and baby in mind. The privacy cover can do everything from a privacy cover for breastfeeding in public to a coverup for car seats, strollers, and high chairs to protect your padawan from harsh sunlight or wind. Plus, it’s made from an ultra-soft, stretchy material and folds easily to take up minimal storage space.



This adorable pop-up card lets your favorite Star Wars fan know you’re thinking about them. Though this card is generic and can be used for any occasion, LovePop’s Star Wars collab features Grogu cards for every season, including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Easter, and more.

Buy on LovePop


Have the cutest basket at the Easter egg hunt this year. Though technically listed as table decor, this basket is the perfect size to tote around as you collect eggs, candy, and more.

Buy on Kohls


Fancy ice is trendy on TikTok these days, and Grogu-lovers can now participate in the trend with this set of two ice cube molds that shape ice like Baby Yoda in his flying crib. Whether you’re drinking water, jawa juice, or blue milk, they’ll make a great addition to any drink.

Buy on Williams Sonoma


Whether it’s Father’s Day, his birthday, or any day in between, Star Wars-loving dads will love this shirt, especially coming from the Grogu to his Mando. It comes in two colors (black and navy) and various sizes. The shirt comes courtesy of Amazon Merch on Demand; their Star Wars shop is full of toys, games, clothes, and more.



This 2-in-1 dog and cat bed is perfect for small dogs and cats who want a cozy napping hideaway. It’s convertible and can go from the cave style pictured above to a flat, bolster-style bed. Chewy has a vast Star Wars collection for your furry friends. The Baby Yoda-themed items include a squeaky dog toy, a food mat and bowl bundle, and a dog collar.

Buy on Chewy


Though some of the Build-A-Bear experience includes going to a store and picking out a new stuffed animal, you can also purchase Build-A-Bear plushes online! This Baby Yoda plush toy comes with Grogu’s signature brown Jedi robe, but you can customize him even further by adding additional outfits, sounds, scents, and accessories. You also have the option to purchase an unstuffed toy and take it to the Workshop nearest you to stuff.

Buy on Build-A-Bear Workshop


Funko Pop! figurines are a huge collector’s item, but did you know they make holiday-specific ones, too? For Valentine’s Day, Baby Yoda’s received a pink and red makeover, complete with a heart-shaped cookie. You can also grab a Valentine’s Day Pop! of Luke Skywalker and Baby Yoda from Funko for $8.99.



This piece is sure to make a statement in any room. The 584-piece LEGO set replicates the Mandalorian’s signature beskar helmet, complete with a metallic finish. If you’re looking for more sets to build afterward, LEGO also sells a 1,023-piece kit to build Mando’s former ship, the Razor Crest.

Buy on LEGO


Season three of The Mandalorian is said to be digging into all of the lore and history regarding the darksaber, a sacred weapon from Din Djarin’s home planet of Mandalore. Din is currently in possession of the darksaber, and there’s no doubt we’ll see it in action throughout the eight new installments. You can buy your very own authentic darksaber, complete with lights and sounds, for your own saber battles.


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