Clinton Kane, TikTok star, was robbed at gunpoint. ‘I was peeing.

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He almost had a different type of livestream.

Clinton Kane, an Australian TikTok star and entrepreneur, claims that his trip to San Francisco went horribly wrong after he was robbed while on vacation.

“Hey guys. just got to San Francisco to film for the album and in an hour of being here we had a gun pointed to our faces and everything was stolen so this trip is going QUITE GREAT,”Kane, a 22year-old singer/songwriter with 1.5million followers on TikTok, said. In an Instagram post, Kane described the adrenaline-pumping experience and included a video of his vehicle that was broken into.

ABC 7 reported that the incident occurred while Tokfluencer was in San Francisco filming music videos and documentaries for a new record. They had parked in the Marina District for lunch, whereupon Kane said he noticed two men breaking into his car and making off with his crew’s gear.

The star — who’s had more than 100 million streams of his music online and is known best for his hit song “I Guess I’m In Love” — and two pals decided to chase the thieves, who reportedly pulled firearms on them. The vocalist and his pals fled the scene, returning to their restaurant.

“It was very scary having a gun held to my face for the first time in life,”Kane stated this to San Fran TV news.

“I was peeing my pants, very aggressively. Not actually, but in my head I was. It was very weird, very confusing,”Kane went on. “I don’t really know what was going through my head at the time. I had so much adrenaline and so much confusion and just so much shock.”(Content Warning: This video contains strong language.

Although Kane had $30,000 worth equipment stolen from his car, no one was hurt. As of yet, there’s no word as to whether the social media celeb or his friends filed a police report.

The Aussie artist has since joked that he’s “never coming back to San Francisco.”

Friday afternoon around 3 he & friends parked in the Marina. They saw two men enter their car shortly after.

Kane & his mates gave chase. That’s when he said they were held at gunpoint.

Kane laughed with me about not coming back to SF.

— Dion Lim (@DionLimTV) October 18, 2021

The thefts have been a problem in the bay city lately. Last week, Walgreens announced it was closing five more San Francisco locations, as drug stores from the Bay Area to the Big Apple are besieged by rampant shoplifting.

According to cops and prosecutors, San Fran shoplifters have been emboldened by a referendum that lowered the penalty for stealing goods worth less than $950 from a felony to a misdemeanor.

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