Trump made a series of campaign promises and said he would return to WH

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Former President Donald Trump has again promised to return to the White House after the 2024 election. Speaking at a Friday rally in Wisconsin, Trump appeared to be making a slew of campaign promises. “We will restore law and order to America,” he said to cheers. Something is loading.

At a rally in Wisconsin on Friday night, former President Donald Trump made a series of what sounded like campaign promises — he also vowed to return to the White House.

“We are going to take back our magnificent White House, we are going to take it back,” he said to cheers.

After losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, the former president began hosting a series of rallies that served as a barometer of his popularity among conservatives and could help him maintain momentum for an eventual electoral candidacy.

On Friday, he targeted Biden’s policies and named various initiatives he would lead in the White House.

“We will end the Biden border disaster, restore our policy of staying in Mexico, strengthen ICE and border control patriots,” he said.

“We are going to end catch and release again, one of the dumbest programs ever,” he added. “We will end chain migration. We will end the visa lottery and crack down on illegal immigration as we did less than two years ago.”

“We will stop the crime wave in Democrat-run cities, we will give our police the power they need and the respect they deserve, and we will not take away the immune protection of our police,” he said. he continued.

“We will restore law and order to America. We will hold China accountable for unleashing the virus on the world. We will protect innocent life. We will defend our constitution. We will defend our territory under total siege.

Since his loss, Trump has repeatedly said he expects to win in 2024 if he runs in the next presidential election. Friday’s rally marked only the last time he made such a claim.

During an American Freedom Tour in March, for example, Trump promised to return to the White House in 2024.

“With the support of everyone in this room, we will take back the House, we will take back the Senate and we will take back our country, and then especially in 2024, we will take back our beautiful White House,” he said in s speaking to a crowd of rally participants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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