Ukraine trolls Russia over UN vote, using binoculars to find 4 allies

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Only four countries condemn Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian regions to the UN. Ukraine’s UN representative mocked Russia, sharing a photo of him at the UN with twins. Something is loading.

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Ukraine trolled Russia at the UN after only four nations voted not to condemn its annexation of Ukrainian regions.

Sergiy Kyslytsya, Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, shared a photo of himself at the UN headquarters in New York, writing, “Oh my God! I can’t see! How much did you say you had voted for Russia? 4? Damn!” …”

—Sergiy Kyslytsya (@SergiyKyslytsya) October 13, 2022

reported that the photo of Kyslytsya using the binoculars was taken in the hall shortly before Wednesday’s vote.

143 countries voted in favor of the resolution at the UN General Assembly condemning Russia’s annexation and demanding that it return the territory to Ukraine.

Four countries joined Russia in opposing the resolution: North Korea, Belarus, Syria and Nicaragua.

Some post-Soviet states, generally seen as allies of Russia, were among the 35 countries that abstained in the vote, a sign of Russia’s isolation since it invaded Ukraine.

General Assembly votes are non-binding and will not result in any specific action in Ukraine.

Kyslytsya told CBS News the vote was “a collective effort by an overwhelming majority and the call of moral duty and reason.”

“Who wants or can afford to be on the wrong side of the fence at this historic moment?”

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